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Water Soaked Bicycle Assault Course

I love that summer fun doesn’t need meticulous planning. And it doesn’t need to break the bank either! Adrenalin filled, water soaked assault courses aren’t only the stuff of theme parks. You can have your own, right on your street, or in your front yard! What better to improve bicycle agility and cool down on a hot day, than your very own hosed down bicycle assault course.

Water soaked bicycle assault course - frugal summer kids fun

Water soaked bicycle assault course - frugal outdoor fun and bicycle agility


We set out all available large obstacles on the path outside our garden. Miss 3 and Miss 6 went door knocking to get their friends! – Have I mentioned what fantastic neighbors we have!

There were garden bins to cycle in-between

Plant pots to cycle around.

Dolls prams to avoid.

Chairs to weave through.

…Then the hose… Hidden from view, ready to soak them!

Water soaked bicycle assault course - frugal summer fun and agility


I thought the kids might go around twice…

And it still felt worth it for 15 minutes of fun and cool off on a hot day.

But they didn’t stop!

First they were slowing down unsure of how to get past the hose in the best way. Then they were zooming through not wanting to get soaked… Then they were stopping right in front of it, just to get soaked!

So much laughter.


We watched the kids getting better and better at negotiating the weave through the chairs. Something about it being right before the hose meant they didn’t want to loose any speed there.

They were fantastic!


Mr 1 started by the hose, then chasing after the bikes. By the time there were puddles it was all we could do to stop him getting knocked over. Just seeing his exhilaration as they sped past screaming with laughter.

Water soaked bicycle assault course - frugal summer fun and bicycle agility

Water soaked bicycle assault course - frugal summer fun and bicycle agility
Does every activity need meticulous planning?

Does summer fun have to mean an overdrawn bank balance?

Are adrenalin filled, water soaked assault courses only a thing of theme parks?

Sometimes it’s easy to be hailed a ’fantastic mama’!

Seizing the moment; collecting all the ’brownie points’ and smiles you can!

If it’s YOU suggesting the hose should come out. If it’s you suddenly spraying them on a hot day… you’re the best mama in town!!

Water soaked bicycle assault course - frugal summer fun and bicycle agility

…I’m not saying everything ended all rosy and nice! It actually ended with blood pouring from Miss 6’s chin and knee after she crash landed her bicycle! And of course it was my fault… Because some 20 meters back I’d sprayed her with the hose (for the 40th time). Which made her wobble the whole 20 meters, resulting in the crash and the blood!

So we did it again today, to see if we could get a better ending this time 🙂

Water soaked bicycle assault course - frugal summer kids funWater soaked bicycle assault course - frugal summer kids fun


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  1. What super fantastic fun! I love these kind of wild, fabulous, spontaneous crazy fun things. My ”ideas” almost always end up with tears and/or blood and band-aids but the kids ALWAYS love it.

    Great fun and a fabulous idea!

    • Me too!! You never know! …But she was right back in there 🙂 It’s taken more than a week for the purple to fade from under her chin though!

  2. Oh our children would love this! What a fun activity and perfect for a hot summers day – no wonder they kept going around. It’s also a great way to improve their bike ability and get some great exercise. Thanks for linking up and sharing their fun with Country Kids.

  3. How lovely that you can knock on for the neighbours. I remember playing with all the kids I our street. It’s amazing how simple things like water and a hose can make everyone so happy! #countrykids

  4. What fantastic basic free fun! That sounds better than any theme park. I bet the children didn’t stop laughing!
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

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