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I’ve noticed the Grandpas in our lives getting away with, getting out of all kinds of little household tasks… And all kinds of ’baby’ jobs! So, not to presume that Mr M will try any of this …But just in case: Kids, tips for the future!

10 Things you should know about Grandpa


1. Your dads arms are shoulders are PERFECTLY shaped to hold, comfort (and burp) small babies. I’ve seen him in action! He’s a natural …In fact, give him a few minutes to warm up and he’s reluctant to pass baby back again.

2. He doesn’t mind being puked, sneezed, or dribbled on. In the height of his career, he often left the house with all such stains on his attire – without any significant consequence or disaster (a few extra glances on the tube perhaps – but nothing worse).

3. Your dad is awesome at changing nappies. He needs no help or assistance. Point him in the direction of the changing mat and as long as he’s got a whole pack of wet wipes he’s ready to go!

4. Accidents happen… If he gets pee’d or poo’d on, he’ll manage – it’s not the first time.

5. Don’t feel you need to clean before we come over… We’ve seen it all!

6. Out of coffee? Yesterday’s can be heated in a microwave (…That’s what the third kid does to you)!

7. Out of jam? he’s more than happy to complement his porridge with a bit of baby puré.

8. Your dad is fantastic at grocery shopping, cooking, filling and emptying the dishwasher, washing and hanging (skip the putting away bit), hoovering …ok, scheduling the robot hoover. And sorting out your computer when it’s crashed and you think all your baby photos are lost forever!

9. Need a break? He’s perfected the art of ’time to sleep’ car trips, walks with the pram, or carrying – if that’s all that works.

10. Sleep? Who needs sleep! …He doesn’t need as much sleep as you think. Believe me, he’s survived much less!


10 things about grandparentsFuture Grandma on the other hand might need a little rest every now and again.

…Good luck Grandpa <3






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10 things about grandparents


  1. He sounds so like Papa G, my Dad can sleep anywhere too and is the best male nanny I’ve got ! Hilarious x Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

    • I would love a Papa G in my life! …You’re a lucky lady, your family sound wonderful <3 ...I hope he gets to see all the wonderful things you write about him all over the place 🙂

    • It’s great there’s usually at least one possible back-up in the family for fulfilling what could be an awesome grandpa role. Hurrah for stepdad!

  2. You just described my dad… except you left out the bit where he ’tidied’ up my garden and accidentally de-rooted my tomato plant… LOL. I love this post xx

  3. Love this post! (and I totally re heat coffee ALL the time)
    The only thing my kids Grandad won’t be able to do is change nappies – I often hear him gagging down stairs!!! Oh how I laugh 😉 It’s kind of weird looking that far ahead – you’ve made me think love!

    Thanks for linking up hex

  4. This is lovely. My three children are so blessed to have two awesome grandfathers and I love the special relationship they have with them. Grandads are so much more hands-on these days than in previous generations and I think that’s brilliant. x #thelist

    • Haha! No, this is one of those posts that will be remaining on ice for quite a while here too!
      …But what about our dads?? What are they getting away with? 😉

  5. Love this! My dad is a brilliant Grandpa – he has endless patience and time to do things like build Lego – patience and time nobody else has. He will also come and help out if I need things doing – like a guinea pig hutch constructing. He even spent the whole of his birthday constructing my son’s very complicated high bed. As a dad he wasn’t around much, but as a Grandpa he’s ace!

  6. I had never thought of this, you are completely right! I will pull my Dad up on this next time he gets his ’but I don’t know what I’m doing’ expression when faced with the more unsavoury kiddie jobs.

    He’s got three sons that were messy boys once……

  7. Awww, this is lovely.

    Grandparents are so special aren’t they?! They are so patient and tolerant and agreeable! Sometimes I look at my parents and wonder… ”WHO ARE YOU! You are NOT the people I grew up with!”

    Thanks for sharing and linking up to the #SHINEbloghop.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

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