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Every parent needs backup plans. Not just a babysitter to fall back on, but instant pick me up tools for the end of exhausting days. These are Five instant, easy pick me up tools that you can always have to hand.

5 Instant Pick Me Up Tools for Parents


1. Get out your photos! Pick up your books, albums, smartphone, laptop, and start looking at your old photos together. It just happens to be the case that we only tend to take out our cameras and snap away when there’s beautiful in front of us. Whether it’s precious moments, memories or people.

That means we have thousands (and thousands) of images of happiness, contentment and beauty just waiting to be rediscovered. And there’s something magical about the fact that even when it’s our kids who’ve exhausted us …We still get all gooey and lovey dovey looking at their little faces on screen or in print.


2. High Five! As soon as a job is done, whether it’s their teeth that have been brushed, that they’re out the door in the morning, that breakfast actually made it to the table, that they’re finally in bed …Give each other a high five! I know it sounds absolutely ludicrous! But it’s like a secret language, acknowledging in our exhaustion that we’ve come one step further. That any and every success IS a success, and is one for the team. That you’re in it together.


3. Stash your favorite pick me up /survival food /drink somewhere! Whether it’s ice cream, chocolate, baileys, nachos, a beer, a bottle or red wine. At the end of a long hard day, when you need a break the most, be prepared! It’s as vital a stash as baby porridge and fruit puree is for your toddler!


4. Have something fantastic laying ahead, your next dream, your goal, your holiday, your destination. Have something in front of you that you’re looking forward to. The carrot that’s ahead. The silver lining on an exhausting day. Talk about it, dream about it, live in it! The babysitter you’ve booked a week from now; the friends night out; the concert; the holiday; the massage, the day alone… Whatever it is. Just make sure you’ve got one. Something to look forward to.


5. And lastly, pull out your happy place file! Your very own backpack of resources ready to be pulled out at a moments notice and brighten your day. Start putting it together now. A playlist of your absolute favorite music. A list of your absolute favorite, all time most hilarious youtube clips. Comic pictures that just have you laughing giddy. Start gathering your material. This is your very own personal pick me up, and it’s as fun putting it together as it is once it’s in place!

Need an example? Here’s one of mine 🙂


Word of the weekMy Word of the Week: SURVIVAL

Right now, this week, I’m surviving. But I want to do more than survive. I want to enjoy the ride! Having chocolate in the cupboard, high fives perfected, a huge library of the cutest baby pictures, and something beautiful laying ahead, there is a silver lining and this too will pass.


What are your best pick me ups at the end of the day?

5 Instant Pick Me Up Tools for Parents

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5 Instant Pick Me Up Tools for Parents







  1. Haha love this and you are such a wise lady-my Dad is friends with Dimitri (Stavros Flatley)-lovely chap and that really is a brilliant cheer me upper! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

  2. This is great. I have a few lines from comedy films that are guaranteed on put a smile on my face. Having them memorised helps lift my mood if times get a bit fraught.

    • It’s such a simple silly thing, but it makes such a huge difference! Go for it, and well done for every microscopic success! 🙂

    • I’m so surprised how many people do the high-fives, I thought that was going to sound so silly! But it’s so worth it – it totally works 🙂

    • More wonderful additions! I totally agree – fresh air – vital! And the photo’s yes- such an easy one, I’ve heard it hugely recommended from rocky times in a marriage too …Who’d have known 🙂

  3. Wow, even you post seemed so full of energy. Just reading it made me feel energised 🙂

    Your suggestions sound great. I love the one about having some goals lined up. I tend to find this works well for me. I always have to have a project waiting.

    Best Wishes


    • Haha! Thanks Gerhard… I promise I too can get a lot better at all of these.
      Great you’ve found one of them that works well for you too. Thanks for popping over.

  4. One of the hardest thing that I have to survive in here is homesickness and when its hitting harder I close my eyes and try to imagine me walking inside my house in Manila. I try to touch the furniture, hear the sounds, smell the laundry. Doing this never ceased to ease my soul but I have to admit doing this misses me home more. #wotw

  5. This is a great list! We always have a pick me up stash, and you’re so right about the photos. I think what we’re missing right now is a goal, holiday or some such, so will ponder that one, thanks. I do hope that next week you manage to do more than ’survive’ and can enjoy x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

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