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I love those moments when you get a glimpse of kids personalities. This time it was watching them choose frozen yogurt. One had spent minutes deliberating what combination of flavours would be the ultimate, most fantastic imaginable. The other had seen one that she wanted and was immovable despite much coaching from all of us, parents knowing that she usually likes another flavour best, and her sister, with her plight for perfection.

After buying them I sat, waiting for a glimpse of regret as one with her single flavour watched the other with her pile of colours… It never came. She continued, totally content with her choice loving every spoonful & not the least bit interested in anything other than the choice she’d already made.

I love that Miss Single Flavour knows what she wants, makes a decision and is completely content with her choice.

I love that Miss Combination sees what’s on offer and sees no limitations. That she believes that the perfect combination is out there and with some deliberation, she’ll find it.

How to Discover Personalities:

I believe in patient observation. Lovingly waiting to catch a glimpse of what makes my kids tick. Not that I’m any kind of expert at that – it’s more like a lucky moment whenever it happens! But that’s when it happens, those brief moments when I’m just quiet, watching them, listening to them, loving them, interested in who they are and what they’re about to do.





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  1. Great post and I like observing as much as guiding! I never want my kid’s personalities to feel crushed or limited-I’m a free spirit, loud and proud-I want them to feel nurtured whom ever they are or become! Love this! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

  2. You are such a wonderful mother! I love reading your blog and learning through your experiences and insight!

    • Oh honey! Right back at you!! I am loving following your 100 days of happiness & how many of them are your children, your husband and your family. Love you guys <3

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