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How To Sell Second Hand Buggy For a Profit

The tag line: ’The Buggy That Ruined My Child Free Life’

…The Most Successful Second Hand Sales Pitch You’ve Ever Read

And Surely The Most Surprisingly Expensive Second Hand Buggy Ever to be Sold on E-Bay!


With a current bid of £156,706.00 on this second hand lime green Phil & Ted buggy that started out at £9.99, Southampton dad of 3, Joel might well be considering changing career paths right about now.

Phil & Ted may justifiably claim that their prams in fact increase in value with age & excessive use, 133% increase with every child to be exact, So you could consider a brand new model for £399 an investment!

And e-bay could consider homing in on the potential of their site as a social media platform… Starting with increasing the 6 page limit on comments and responses, which obviously didn’t suffice the 1,267 inquires & counseling requests from this hilarious dad.


Copied below, In order not to loose this exemplary record of the British sense of humor. How to sell a second hand buggy for a profit:


Here we have for sale the green monster that can only be Phil and Teds. I shall be glad to see it leave my premises and never return.

This was purchased against my wishes many years ago as I never wanted any children and a buggy signified my wife’s intent to have children. We argued much and this buggy signifies everything that ended my happy carefree low cost child free life.

This buggy clearly meant she intended to have not just one but multiple children and the extortionate price of this buggy will stay imprinted on my brain till the day I die. I have bought cars that cost less than this buggy. My dad once bought a house that cost less than this buggy.

Anyway as you can tell I hate the buggy. I now have 3 children, and a Labrador and am forced to endure the school run where women I dont know try  and discuss the price of centre parc holidays, and the benefits of the micro over the mini micro scooter. To summarize my life is over and this green albatross needs to go round some other poor sods neck.

On the positive none of my three children were stupidly fat, but its been driven by my wife a lot so not all good. During its lifetime its had pretty much every bodily fluid known to science, (and several that have yet to be discovered) chucked over it by my children, Its also absorbed its own weight in Ellas Kitchen meals, and mud.

I have tried to maintain this item as best I could and the wheels were filled with green slime to prevent punctures, and WD40 has been used with gusto on the relevant parts. It even comes with what I lovingly refer to as the Cinderella attachment for the second child you have but dont love as much as the first. It means they can sit but cant see anything, and have a ride thats about as comfortable as a Ford Model T.

All of my children are now walking (often in completely the wrong direction) but someone else deserves to give this a good home. Over the years I have collected spare bits from other zombified fathers who were once full of life and I will throw these in as well.

According to the other half she has the baby carry item that came with this and the pannier bags (whatever they are) but she never used them and they are immaculate and will be listed when she conquers her fear of heights and gets into the loft.

This buggy has never been used for dog sledding, racing, or buggy bumper cars, although I once used it to concuss a randy Alsatian that tried getting amorous with my lab.

There are many adverts on here for immaculate models and these people are all liars and scoundrels as nothing that comes into contact with a young child is ever immaculate.

So for a starting price of just £9.99 you too can screw up your life. There are programs for those of you who need to recover from drugs or alcohol. Any money generated from this sale will be used to help me recover from children (and probably involve drugs and alchohol)

So spend big – its for a good cause…


UPDATE: Bidding closed at 12 noon on 28-Jan-2015

Drumroll… And he got £325 for it!

Well, not quite a reflection of the extortionate bids that were laid but £325 for a worn out pram… Not bad at all!

Find the advert here

And if you thought the add was funny, you don’t need to stop there! There are 6 pages of questions & answers to enjoy too!

– Joel, if you want a regular spot, just let me know.

Obviously, there is no better platform from which to launch your blogging career than right here! 😉
How To Sell Second Hand Buggy For a Profit


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