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The Fox that Ate Our Hamster

When they came to the grave, the stone had been rolled away.
The grave was empty.


Or the hamster we just buried!?


”He’s risen!” came a voice from the kitchen.

Then floods of tears from outside.


”She’s gone!

The stone is gone!

The fox has eaten her!”

Miss 7’s cheeks wet with tears.


To round off our Easter dinner Miss 7 had taken her friend, her coat and her sweets outside to visit the grave of the hamster we buried only days ago.

It’s the first time she’s been out there.

It was important for her.

Part of her story.


I’m not sure that Mr M’s attempts to explain how our little hamster had now become part of a bigger story, a foxes story, were the comforting words she wanted to hear.

Nor the timing of her cousins happy dance on the porch as she sung away to her favorite song.

But she was oblivious of it all.

The box she’d buried her hamster in was empty.

Ripped to shreds.


Not quite closure.

Abrupt reality.


Is it normal for dead pets to be dug up and eaten?

Didn’t we bury her deep enough?

Are you supposed to think about that?


More tears.

And a shaking hand holding the remains of what was a beautiful box.


And muffled laughter.

Getting over the resurrection comment wasn’t as easy for everyone.




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  1. Oh no! This totally brought back memories of when my parents re-landscaped their backyard and installed a small retaining wall… right where our hamster cemetery had been. I can only imagine what the guys doing construction thought when they realized the dirt that had to be removed had been marked with a bunch of bricks and rocks painted with names and who knows what was left actually buried… My mom had totally forgot when she asked them to take out the dirt 😛 and it was at least a little comforting imagining those poor guys’ reactions which must have been priceless. I hope that your poor little girl is able to grieve and heal and one day find some humor in this too 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!
    -Sara, uncommongrace.net

    • Oh no!! At least it had gone a while! …I wonder if they noticed or if they just bulldozed over the whole area?
      It is one of the reasons we didn’t bury her in our tiny garden …Oops.
      Thanks for popping over Sara 🙂

    • It is isn’t it!! 🙁
      What are we going to do with that precious heart right now? She needs a little bit of time.

    • I think it’s going to take a few days to get over this one 🙁
      …She’d really planned how she wanted it to be. Just to experience that it’s not just people that sometimes ’ruin’ things; nature has a habit of doing it to …That lesson’s sinking in right now, admits the tears <3

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