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Going anywhere with kids can be stressful enough, travelling with kids takes it to a whole new level. But take a breathe, exhale all anxiety, help is at hand! Here are my top 10 tips; 10 more to come (from you! You can list your top tips here and I’ll publish/link the top 10); and another 10 from HonestMum here. …That’s 30 Helpful hints to make your travels smoother and your holidays carefree 🙂

TOP 10 Tips for Travelling with Kids

1. Wet wipes… Right at the top of the bag! Whether your travelling with a baby or with big kids you’ll never regret carrying wet wipes, great for everything from being puked on to sticky fingers, faces and coffee spills.

2. Snacks! My experience is that preparing portion size bags/pots of different stuff, ready in your bag before you leave home provides way more variation and keeps them interested. Also instead of giving your kids everything at once, spread it out over your journey. If you want an extra wow factor and smiling happy faces, think ’bento box’ – one pot at a time 😉 – You can find all the Bento box inspiration you need @CaptureByLucy here.

Also, about the snacks, it’s obviously a personal choice but I find it helpful not to pack much sugar. Not needing to handle sugar highs is benefit enough, without mentioning the crashes later on!

3. Whenever we’re going anywhere, be it 40 minutes in the car, 3 hours to UK, 30 hours to NZ, we point to one side of the car roof, the chair in front of us, a piece of paper – whatever is to hand and say ’here’s home, here’s where we’re going, here’s where we are now’. Whenever the kids ask when we’re going to arrive we point out where between the two places we are now… It’s certainly reduced the complaining from Miss 3 and Miss 6 – worth a try?

4. Ipad. Sounds too obvious perhaps! Just remember to download some programs/films onto it so you’re not relying on internet availability.

5. A friend of mine and seasoned family traveller always packs a new toy for her kids when they’re going on a long flight, that way it certainly holds there interest for longer! Otherwise make sure you’ve got the favourite toy, teddy, blanket/ soother.

6. Involve your kids in the packing. Previously I always packed the pens/ colouring books/ small games for the girls thinking it should all be ’surprises’ for them, but it became very obvious that they’re more than capable of doing it themselves and that actually, they want to decide themselves what to bring.

7. If you’re traveling with a baby or young toddler on a plane, introduce them to the safety card! It sounds so ridiculous but I haven’t had a baby yet who hasn’t been totally fascinated by that laminated piece of paper with all the black lines and funny looking pictures… From about 1 year old we turn it into a story, pointing to and saying something about each picture.

8. Again, if your on a plane, and can chose where you sit – find other families and sit near them! Not because you long to be deafened by another child’s outbursts while your own kids might be calm… But because nobody is going to fascinate and amuse your baby or children more than other children around them. As soon as they start playing peek-a-boo you know you’re going to have a few minutes break from entertaining or providing the next entertainment!

9. Paracetamol. Most likely, you won’t even need it, but travelling with a headache or a child who starts to feel unwell doesn’t make anything easier.

10.  …Chocolate. Yes, what was it I was saying about sugar? But this is not for the kids (unless of course they catch me eating it!), it’s for me! And if chocolate isn’t your thing… then pack whatever is 😉


For more inspiration if images speak louder than words, check out my Pinterest board ’Travelling with Kidshere.


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