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I love pictures I’ve seen on pinterest when an older sibling is sitting by their younger one with a ’for sale’ sign! Some friends had a second child the same day their oldest turned 3, after a few weeks, thinking the baby was something of a present she said ”she can go back now, I don’t want her anymore”. It’s not altogether easy for our little ones when all of a sudden they’re not the youngest anymore. How to deal with a sibling?

I’ve heard stories of older siblings taking every opportunity to hit or bite their new little sibling; refusing to let one parent near the baby; screaming for attention and help every time the younger one is picked up. Frustration, jealously, and shear disbelief at their life being turned upside down playing out in any number of fanciful and creative ways. Regression – when your oldest needs to be carried around like a baby once again, rocked and lullabied to sleep, the (possibly) once forgotten dummy makes a reappearance, they too want to lay on the changing table, in the pram, cot and baby chair, beloved baby blankets and small toys are reclaimed, and nothing but a bottle will do for water.

I was in some kind of naive bubble when our second child was born, thankful to having apparently been spared the hitting and having only been asked a few times to exchange the regular spoon for a baby one. I thought that must be it then. Haha… that’s all I can say!

The trend of slowly increasing incidences of not quite making it to the toilet or potty in time had somehow gone unnoticed, until at 4.30pm one afternoon I stared in unbelief at my once potty trained 2 1/2 year old who literally seconds after telling me for the fifth time that she did not need the toilet, stood there on the doormat and pee’ed, in her FOURTH change since coming home from nursery ONE HOUR earlier!!!

…Mama going mental!…

Another ’typical’ part of regression – wanting to have a nappy again – but she didn’t want a nappy! I’ve heard ’hang in there, don’t give up, it will resolve itself, it won’t last long’. The only thing is about all of that really is that urine (and let’s hope it’s just that) on the floor (or anywhere else for that matter) doesn’t just resolve itself at any point… no, you need to get out a mop and ’resolve’ it. Every single one of those ’resolve itself’ incidents requires some moderate to significant clean up on your part. At it’s peak we were talking five changes of clothes during the two hours between the end of nursery and reinforcements (papa) coming; and this went on for FIVE MONTHS!! An entire wardrobe in less than a week.

Personally, I wouldn’t say ’wait it out’ to anyone! Unless you find some kind of peace and relaxation in extra cleaning and piles of laundry. Rather a nappy than trying to feed/soothe a baby while taking wet clothes of your beloved first child and somehow one handedly assisting to put on new ones whilst maintaining a critical distance and minimum time lapse to cleaning up the issue at hand before a creative toddler comes up with any other way of spreading the chaos – approximately every 25 minutes!


Family Friday


  1. Reading things like this makes me glad we haven’t potty trained monkey yet. I don’t believe he is ready anyway and not rushing to do it before baby comes now anyway! Its funny, when I was little I packed my little brothers backpack (with socks) and told him noone wants him so he should run away. So mean! Thankfully he only got as far as the street sign (and we lived in the 1st house in the st) before we went and got him but ooh I was in trouble!! Xx #familyfriday

  2. I was very fortunate not to experience sibling rivalry with my children. I think that’s because they either had a tiny 12 month gap of at least a 6 year gap between each other. However, now they are older that they don’t regularly ask me to send one or the other back to where they came from! #familyfriday

  3. The memories of my only child becoming a sibling are hazy at best, fortunately, and I think with there being only 21 months between the two, there wasn’t as big an impact as it sounds like you had. My solution would have involved chaining one of them to a radiator otherwise lol. Thanks for linking up #FamilyFriday

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