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  1. Tyre swings (and actually all kinds of swings) bring out the child in me – when I see one I can’t resist! I even want a swing in my living room but my husband thinks I’m mad! 🙂

    • Just behind grandma & grandpa 🙂
      Very close, and a great incentive to go out and play when visiting, instead of just sitting in front of the TV!

  2. Love this, childhood encapsulated! 😀 We had one in the woods near our house in Copenhagen. Wasn’t just the children that loved playing on it either! 😀

    • Haha, exactly!! I didn’t think anyone wanted a Sunday photo of me up swinging on that one; but that’s exactly where I was minutes later 😀

    • I’ve thought that before too – about a big tree in the garden… But I realize, why don’t we just get the stuff and go traipsing out into some woodland to tie one up there instead.
      …That’s the stuff of childhood dreams… Mum and dad sneaking up a swing in the middle of someone else’s forest!
      Erhm, carefully of course 😉

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