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    • Me too Zena. Me too.
      Checking in daily with the updates on people arriving in Sweden and the needs that are right here, right now. The Salvation Army is doing a great job getting people organized in the south. We’ve been talking to a few parents in our neighborhood about what we can do TOGETHER.
      I shared an image the Swedish Salvation Army had on their Facebook page:
      ’No action, no matter how small, is ever insignificant’

  1. It’s great to see a more positive response to the refugee crisis coming from other countries at last. We have boats and people arriving on a daily basis on these tiny islands. The more the news gets out there the more likely that international support will eventually arrive. Thank you (Helping Hands of Rhodes)

    • Your comment really brought that home Amanda. A friend was collecting items to be sent to Greece last week. I could be a lot more diligent about taking every such opportunity. We don’t need to wait for the ’perfect’ plan. We can make every effort, to take every opportunity to help that arises, and help with each as much as we possibly can.
      I read yesterday that they don’t have food for the refugee camps, and are projecting up to 30% cutbacks. It’s not acceptable that we’re scraping leftovers off our plates while others are hungry.

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