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    • A 22 year old in the square came up yesterday and said she’s dreamed her whole childhood of building an igloo like this, and in her wildest dreams couldn’t have imagined it would look so beautiful!
      …Such a nice thing to say.
      The kids are getting loads of ideas for what they want to do next year too!! The whole square’s going to turn into an exhibition park!

    • Thanks Fiona.
      Yes, we’ve filled milk/ yoghurt cartons with water and some food colouring then frozen them to make our ’ice bricks’ 🙂

    • Thanks Mary 😀 We’re having an absolutely brilliant time with this crazy project! Check out Facebook for the latest photos at the moment! x

    • Thanks Darren! LOVING this crazy project 😀
      Unfortunately the weather forecast for next week doesn’t look all to promising (for our igloo that is)!

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