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Silent Sunday, week 41 – 2014


  1. What a beautiful autumnal photograph. A sort of passing of summer (with that gorgeous floral dress) and arms flung wide to embrace autumn ;D
    Love it… in fact I think it’s my favourite Sunday photo Steph.

    • Haha! they ARE a bit strange. I thought that when we moved to Sweden and I kept seeing them here and there! It means there’s either an underground parking there, or that the tube line passes under!! …You’d never have known! It makes the whole of Stockholm feel a bit Matrix to me!!

    • Thank you Heledd! She fits in there like an autumn fairy 🙂 …She was very chuffed when she saw the photo after. One of those ’is that ME? …Really?’ beautiful moments.

    • Thanks Darren! We were all loving a day of sun, after a week of rain – gorgeous.
      …And you noticed the dress! It’s her favorite – there’s no variation, whatever the event!

  2. It’s wonderful when kids are out and about and find things to stand and balance on, to find out what they can and can’t do 🙂

    • Yes, she was straight to it …And lunging herself from it too. There’s always things to discover, and ways to play outdoors!

  3. You’re right that autumn’s a perfect time for outdoor shots, this is so lovely. The light and colours are gorgeous and then you notice your little girl has ballet shoes on out in the leaves which is just too cute!

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