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Silent Sunday, week 42 -2014


    • Thanks Hayley! It was really gorgeous walking around there …Got to go back straight away! 🙂 Some places you just have to visit more than once!!

    • I know! I couldn’t believe it!! It’s just a place near by where you can go pick your own crops – I had no idea they had so much corn! …We’re going back 🙂 Love that they’re dying too!

  1. Did you have a nice walk? They look like they’re wrapped up for winter. It must be much colder than here right now in Sweden!

    • There is isn’t there! I had no idea how it would look when I thought about going there. It couldn’t have been better. They could charge around between the rows without me needing to give a second thought to them suddenly wrapping off cobs or falling right into the plants …Awesome location for a little twilight party too! 🙂

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