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  1. Beautiful picture. I love photos in which the children are just getting on with their little things, not realising you are spying on them. They seem to be playing so nicely! x Mel

    • Thanks Mel! They do play really beautifully together …about 60% of the time; indifferent about 25%; and well the other 15% – you can guess 🙂

  2. I love the cheerful summer dress in the middle of these winter rainstorms too! I can’t figure out if they are sorting Monopoly money or if it is a card game.

    • Well, it’s really a card game but Miss 6 was determined to make magic happen at the table 🙂 …She was pondering over why the card she randomly chose wasn’t the one that Miss 3 had randomly chosen moments earlier when her eyes had been closed …Why doesn’t it just work?? 😉

    • *<3* Miss 6 would like to be able to wear a summer dress and be barefoot on a daily basis... We moved to the wrong country!! 😉

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