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Pregnancy Feels Like…

You know what I couldn’t believe when I finally did get pregnant… A pregnancy confirmed by 12 pregnancy tests before I even told Mr M, never mind contacting a midwife: Pregnancy is FORTY WEEKS! Forty weeks!

In my quick calculation, a month was 4 weeks. Forty weeks, that’s ten months! Isn’t it supposed to be nine? Why does everybody say it’s nine? Stood there, eight weeks pregnant, a ten month pregnancy felt like a lifetime.

As it turns out 40 weeks isn’t 10 months. It’s nine. Which is also why everybody says you’re pregnant for nine.

Nine months.

Nine very long months.

Nothing about it goes quickly. That’s the difference between living your days in a busy haze of work, life, studies, logistics, and then suddenly being aware of every moment. Noticing.

Feeling bloated.

Feeling tired.

Waiting to feel something.

Wondering if you felt something.

Knowing you felt something.

Seeing a movement.

Feeling strained by movements.

Feeling stretched.

Feeling huge.

Feeling excited.

Feeling scared.

Feeling it’s enough.

Feeling gravity.

Feeling you’re about to explode.

Feeling pain.

Feeling out of control.

Feeling you want it over.

Feeling you don’t want to feel anything.

Feeling shocked.

Feeling elated.

Feeling overwhelmed by each and every feeling.

Feeling waves of love.

Feeling intensity.

Feeling nothing exists but what you’re feeling.

Holding a person for the first time.

Feeling the embrace.

Feeling protective.

Feeling everything.

Feeling love.


It’s hard to even believe a little human can be moving around in there:


Pregnancy Feels Like


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On a side note, no congratulations are due, these pictures are from 2013 🙂

Pregnancy Feels Like


  1. For a second, I worried I’d missed something huge, honey! To me, those 40 weeks were long the first time round, but the 4th time, with Wriggly, they flew by so quickly it was almost a surprise when she came out! Nothing was ready, despite the 40 weeks of sickness, heartburn and bloating 🙂

    • Aw, thanks Mel! I promise there’s no way I’d get anywhere near 40 weeks pregnant without you knowing 😉
      I can totally believe that with number four <3

    • Thanks for your lovely comment… Little disclaimer at the end there; these were pics from my last pregnancy, my tummy is a whole lot smaller right now 😉

  2. In the beginning I was wondering how I missed something so big, momentous in your life, a current pregnancy! LOL Now I got it! I agree, pregnancy is something that you can’t imagine, it’s so incredible. I wish that between months of morning sickness I would have taken more time to enjoy it. Especially with the first one. We are so anxious to meet our little one that we don’t fully appreciate that this will be the last few months of life without children. Everything changes, it’s so good, full and worth it. But I wish I would have enjoyed those 9 months more and did more than sleep through it! LOL

    • So much you only know retrospectively isn’t there!
      I’d read so much about miscarriages that when I was pregnant with our first I didn’t stop for a minute to let myself ’connect’ thinking all the time I just didn’t know if I was going to get to keep her. Phew, there’s a lot I’d change if I did that over! <3

    • Haha! NO, not at all… Putting that little disclaimer right at the bottom there wasn’t maybe the BEST place for it! It’s turning into the ultimate test… Did everyone read every single word 😉
      Thank you for your heartfelt congratulations!

  3. Hi Steph, congratulations on your pregnancy! Good news! You’ve summed up the roller coaster that is pregnancy and I bet even though it’snot your first it feels the same!

    Hope all goes smoothly.


  4. Yes I can check off all on this list and more besides! It’s all consuming at the time and then you forget most of it but little things bring it all back! #thelist

    • I read somewhere that that’s exactly the time we need to get our heads around it all. And the time our bodies need afterwards to recover 🙂

  5. Summed up so beautifully and succinctly – I think you covered everything! Takes me back to last year, pregnant with baby 1, now as far as ”feeling tired” with no. 2 🙂

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