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Applesauce Deluxe - for the whole familyApplesauce Deluxe – for the whole family

Here we go again with the apples! What can I say… we’ve got A LOT of them :-). The bottom of the fridge is still full of the apples I haven’t got around to dealing with yet.

My little man loves fruit puree and it’s just completely unsustainable to keep buying those expensive little pots from the shop. One big batch of applesauce deluxe (a la’ BuonaPappa – but without the cinnamon in this case) divided into a few different bowls with different additions – mango; blueberries; raspberries; blackberries; or prunes, and he’s got tones of fruit puree ready to go.

If I’ve got them, I start the applesauce deluxe with fresh apples, otherwise I just take out a bag of pre pealed and chopped ones from the freezer.Applesauce Deluxe - for the whole family

The mango and berries I take directly from the freezer and add to the apples once they’re cooked. They defrost and soften up in the hot apple sauce then swish, they’re blended.

The prunes need a little more preparation. Soak 100g dried prunes in 250ml of water over night, then cook until they’re softened (5-10 minutes). These can then be poured in with the apples and blended together.

All of these fruit purees are great for babies from 4 months. The prunes have a laxative effect so they usually Applesauce Deluxe - for the whole familysay about 1-2 tbsp is a good amount for babies under 6 months. If you’ve mixed it with apples however you could take a regular portion.

My latest experience with my little man is that at 6 months he ate 4 ice cubes for a main course, followed by 3 cubes of fruit pure for desert. This has gradually increased so that at 8 months he’s been eating 6 cubes for lunch/dinner followed by 6 cubes desert. One clue as to a portion guide is to look at the jar sizes available in the store for your babies age. But that’s just a little hint… our kids can have very different eating habits 😉

Miss 3 & Miss 5 were making all of this latest batch with me, fixing the food for their little brother, and tasting everything as we went along… ”Just checking mama!”








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