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Fluffy American Pancakes for Baby and Me

The #1 favourite breakfast for my little man… pancakes. Not surprising because these are DELICIOUS! A soft, fluffy, light, baby friendly version of American pancakes, perfect from about 6 months (no sugar/ sweetener or salt). And I’m going to divulge ’the trick’, why some pancakes end up being completely flat and others light and fluffy.

Fluffy American Pancakes for Baby and Me


This recipe makes approximately 10 pancakes.

– 250g all-purpose flour (3dl or 1 1/4 cups)

– 1 tbsp baking powder

– (1/2 tsp salt optional, if your little one is >1 year old)

– 1 egg

– 2 tbsp vegetable oil

– 250ml milk/ coconut milk (2,5dl or 1 cup)

– Raspberries for serving


1. Stir together your dry ingredients in a large bowl.

2. Lightly whisk together the egg, vegetable oil and milk (or coconut milk) in a smaller bowl.

3. Tip the wet ingredients into the dry ones and stir just until the flour is wet – you do not need to keep stirring until smooth, let it be lumpy.

4. And here’s THE TRICK: walk away! …that’s it… if you want FLUFFY pancakes this mix needs to stand for 20-30 minutes.

You won’t believe how long it took us to figure this out! The conversations about why why why one saturday they were fluffy and the next they weren’t. There have been theories about the quality of the water (since my Man has been making them at different locations, with different success rates), the humidity, our hight above sea level(!), what exact brand of flour we used. The best successes were always when we were making them for a crowd… because it took so long to fix everything else that the batter was just stood there waiting.

So what you need to do is make the batter first, then fix everything else you want to have out for breakfast, and lastly…

5. Put a couple of big spoonfuls into a dry non-stick pan on a medium heat (there’s already a little oil in the batter so no extra is needed in the pan), and when you see that bubbles are forming, and the edges are rolling up, turn them over. No harm at all in checking how the colour is coming along, or turning them an extra time.

6. When they have a nice (light brown) colour, take them out and either serve right away or just put them on a plate with another turned upside down on top of it to keep them warm, ready to serve when you’re ready.

Fluffy American Pancakes for Baby and Me



We sometimes squash a raspberry or two onto the pancakes before cutting them up for our little guy. it up. Obviously the younger the baby the smaller the pieces you’ll need to cut. Maybe you’d rather have a little less mess, in that case there’s much less cleaning up needed after if you serve the pancakes and raspberries separately.

The pancakes are perfect to freeze, grab and go when you need a quick and easy snack (’fika’ in Sweden) with you… That is if you don’t have older children eating up every last piece so there aren’t ever any left for the freezer.

We make these without salt for our little guy, absolutely nothing the rest of us notice in the exaltation of getting pancakes for breakfast!

You might notice in the background of one of these shots that my little man wasn’t entirely impressed that I was photographing his pancakes instead of letting him eat them!

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  1. My 7 month old is allergic to egg and the allergist asked that I introduce eggs in baked goods to help him build an immunity. He’s also allergic to dairy and the allergist said not to introduce it, so this recipe works perfectly with the suggested use of coconut milk! Thank you! I used only half an egg in the first batch (starting small) and they were still super fluffy. He loves them.

    • I’m so glad the recipe was a good for you Tori! It’s fantastic to have a few ’go to’ recipes when there are allergies involved… I give the ones we like to my mum too so there are a few ’emergency’ snack fixes to hand 🙂

  2. My two teenagers have started to cook pancakes recently and have gone a bit pancake mad.

    This recipe looks simple enough for them to try and cook on their own – with me in shouting distance – and will make a pleasant change from our normal crepe style pancakes.

  3. Love this recipe. Thank you so much for sharing it. I’m definitely going to give these a go with my 18 month old little girl.

    I love pancakes and these are perfect and healthy too. I’m thinking they’d also be fantastic with blueberries! x

    • 18 months is perfect, a friend of mine used to give her little one small pieces of fruit in separate little bowls, let her decorate all the pancakes & ’sell’ them to the rest of the family for breakfast… very cute 🙂

  4. Yum! We hardly ate pancakes, other than on Shrove Tuesday, when we lived in the UK. Now that we’re in the US we have them at least once a week 🙂 I’m getting the hang of the thick, fluffy ones too! These look particularly tasty 🙂 #TastyTuesdays

    • I know!!! Pancakes 1 day a year, what’s that about?? In Sweden they think you should eat them every thursday after pea soup! There’s even loads of schools that serve them every thursday… a whole new world 🙂

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