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Feeding baby a banana, without a bowl!

The inspiration for starting this blog came less than a month ago. I was in England for the weekend with mr. 6 months and went to a friend’s birthday party for her 4yr old. My little man was getting hungry so I took out a banana, pulled back the peel and started scraping away with his baby spoon… something I’ve seen parents in Sweden doing all the time.

Another mother caught sight of us from across the room… ”what a GREAT idea! You don’t even need a bowl!’ For the next five minutes we were the topic of conversation, and the object of observation – a bit of an animal at the zoo experience!

What became blatantly obvious is that there must be tonnes of little ’every day’ smart simple tricks that parents are doing in different countries, that the rest of us, if we haven’t actually seen somebody doing it, don’t have a clue about.

Talking with my friend the next day, six or seven baby food ideas came up in conversation, ones that are totally ’normal’ in Sweden and nothing my mother-of-two friend had seen or heard about in UK. ”You should start a blog!… and put a film with the banana on YouTube!… Just Do It!”

So here I am. Doing It! …and also, FINALLY going to do something with loads of my other ideas too!!

I’m excited!… & I hope you enjoy the banana film 🙂

…I resisted the urge to put up separate fig, avocado or kiwi films, I think we get the gist. Anyway – you need a knife to chop the others in half, so it’s not quite so revolutionary!


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