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Gooseberry Mascarpone Filled Eclairs with a White Chocolate Glaze

The mascarpone gooseberry whip in these delicious eclairs is creamy and light with a perfectly balanced tangy fruitiness. Imagine that in incased in fresh choux pastry with a white chocolate glaze drizzled over.

A refined, intriguing delicacy especially suited for a little adult only time.

Gooseberry Mascarpone Filled Eclairs


It’s taken more than a week to get the right technique down for successful choux pastry – my Facebook feed is evidence of the flops along the way! The recipe sounds so easy. Such a short, simple list of ingredients. But I finally figured it out, there are secrets to success here:

1. Are you quick enough with a wooden spoon? Apparently, despite multiple enthusiastic attempts, I’m just not cut out for wooden spoon beating! Out came the electric whisk and my troubles were (more or less) over.

2. When you finally start getting the hang of it, don’t get smart and think you can take out a camera! That flour needs to go into the water/ butter mix all at once and right at the point it starts boiling. You can’t start sieving it in then, it needs to be sieved and ready to go. No camera, no sip of water, no distractions!

3. When you’re whisking in the flour, don’t stop whisking until the dough starts to get much firmer. It’s not just about combining the ingredients. The longer you whisk the firmer the dough gets. It takes at least a minute to get a thick, firm paste, ready for the addition of the eggs.

4. Adding a whole egg at once and whisking it in makes the dough too loose. Both eggs need to be beaten in advance and very slowly poured into the dough so it’s combined continuously and never ’swimming’ in egg.

Gooseberry Mascarpone Filled Eclairs

Gooseberry Mascarpone Filled Eclairs with a White Chocolate Glaze

– Makes 8-10


Simple Gooseberry Compote for the filling: 

60g gooseberries (½ cup / 1 dl)

1tsp water

– Gentle heat the gooseberries and water in a pan until the gooseberries have softened, after about 10 minutes. Then use a hand mixer until you have a relatively smooth consistency. Set the mix aside to cool.

Gooseberry Mascarpone Filled Eclairs

Gooseberry Mascarpone Filling

340g mascarpone (12 oz)

5 tbsp gooseberry compote (recipe above)

– Whisk the mascarpone and gooseberry compote together until light and airy, cover and chill until ready to use.


Choux pastry eclairs

150 ml cold water (5 fl oz / 1 ½ dl)

50 g butter cut into pieces (2 oz)

60 g all-purpose flour sieved (½ cup / 1dl and 1tbsp)

2 large eggs well beaten

a pinch of salt


White Chocolate Glaze

60 ml heavy (whipping) cream (¼ cup/ ½ dl and 1tsp)

100g white chocolate (3½ oz)

– Once the choux pastry eclairs have started to cool, break the chocolate into small pieces and set aside in a bowl.

– Heat the cream in a heavy bottomed pan until nearly boiling then pour it over the chocolate and stir until melted and combined. Set aside to cool slightly.


METHOD – Choux Pastry Eclairs

– Pre-heat the oven to 200°C / 400°F

– Butter an oven tray and set aside.

– Prepare a pastry bag with a thick round end piece and put it aside; Sieve the flour and put it aside; beat the eggs until light and fluffy and put those aside too. Plug in your electric whisk next to the stove …You’re ready!

…Now you don’t need to get nervous, for great eclairs, you just need to be prepared!

–  Heat the water in a pan over a medium heat. Once it starts to heat up a bit add the salt and small pieces of butter. Heat through until the butter has melted and the mix is starting to boil.

As soon as it’s boiling take it straight off the heat, tip in all the flour at once and start whisking. Keep whisking for about a minute until you see the mix has significantly thickened. Put the pan back onto the heated plate for just 30 seconds or so, string with a wooden spoon  – check that a smooth thick ball of dough has formed.

Gooseberry Mascarpone Filled Eclairs

If the dough doesn’t get firm, it’s not going to work …Maybe the water/ butter wasn’t quite boiling when you poured in the flour. Maybe you didn’t pour all the flour in at once. Maybe you were beating by hand and weren’t quite quick enough …Maybe you just need to beat/ whisk a bit more …Try that first, before giving up on it.

 Once your dough is ready remove from the heat again and using the hand whisk slowly pour in the beaten eggs, making sure it’s continually being combined. This should result in a smooth, shiny paste.

– Now take the buttered oven tray ..And I know this might sound silly, but run cold water over it, pour it off and shake off the excess, this will make your oven steamy and help the dough rise.

– Scrape the paste into the pre-prepared pastry bag. And pipe out fat lengths about 10 cm (4 in) long onto the damp, buttered oven tray. Leave about 5 cm (2 in) between them.

– Bake in the middle of the oven for 15 minutes, until slightly golden (keep the oven closed during this time).

– Let the eclairs cool on the tray for a few minutes then transfer them to a wire rack to cool fully. In the meanwhile make the white chocolate glaze (method above).

– Once the eclairs have cooled take a sharp knife and cut horizontally along one side of each eclair.

– About an hour before you want to serve your eclairs prepare a pastry bag with a plain medium sized nozzle and fill it with the gooseberry mascarpone filling. Pipe the filling into each eclair. Then take a large spoon of white chocolate glaze and pour it slowly over the top of each (if the glaze isn’t easy to pour, heat it slightly).




Gooseberry Mascarpone Filled Eclairs

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    • Great tip from Mel 🙂
      …We’re making these again on Saturday for Mr 2’s VERY delayed birthday party… YUM!

  1. Another thing: they don’t seem to work / rise when the weather is damp. We never make choux back home if it is raining (seriously!). These éclairs certainly look perfect! You are making me want to make coffee éclairs (my absolute favourites!). I have just been looking for your mailing list thingy but I can’t seem to find it (no brain cells left #sleepdeprivedmummy!)

    • No I couldn’t believe it – right when I told you it was in the sidebar I updated wordpress and it’s GONE!! I’ll fix it again & let you know. You’ve been so unbelievably patient on that one!

      THANK YOU for the rain tip …Feedback from a pro – I love it. Totally believe you, I won’t even try 😉

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