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Salted Chili Chocolate Dried Fruit Truffles

Chili Chocolate & Sea Salt Topped Dried Fruit Truffles that dissolve in your mouth. Bursting with flavour and a perfect harmony of sweetness that’s not the slightest bit sugary. The dried fruit chocolate truffle filling, is Swedish chef Laila’s ’healthy chocolate ball’ recipe, here I’m taking them to Valentine’s!

Salted Chili Chocolate Dried Fruit Truffles

Dried Fruit & Chocolate Truffle Filling 

(makes about 20):

– 100g (1,5dl) unsalted cashew nuts

– 125g (1,5dl) almond flour (or almond chips that you can then crush with a hand mixer)

– 75g (1dl) ecological dried apricots

– 25g (0,5dl) dried goji berries

– 3 tbsp cacao

– 2 tbsp ecological coconut butter/ fat

– 3 tbsp espresso coffee

For the topping

– 10g dark chilli chocolate (I used Lindt Excellence)

– A few pinches of sea salt flakes

Salted Chili Chocolate Dried Fruit Truffles

1) Blend all the ingredients for the filling together, except the coffee.

2) Stir in the coffee at the end, making a soft malleable filling. Store in the fridge.

3) Grate the dark chocolate and mix in the crushed flakes of sea salt; spoon some into the bottom of whatever moulds you’re using.

4) Spoon in the filling over the chocolate and press it down.

5) Put the mould into the freezer for about 30 minutes or so – this is just to allow the truffles to harden enough so they hold their shape when you take them out of the mould.

6) Once taken out of the mould, store them in the fridge. Take them out of the fridge at least 10 minutes before you serve them if you’d like them a little chilled, or let them stand at room temp for a ’melt in your mouth’ experience 🙂


If you don’t have moulds it works equally as well to take teaspoons of the filling and form them into small balls, then roll them in the chocolate – if you’re doing this you’ll need about 40g of chocolate instead of 10g – lastly crush a little sea salt onto the top. If you’re making balls they don’t need to go into the freezer at all.

The sea salt really adds that little extra punch to the fruitiness of the truffle, and the lingering kick of the chilli.



…Miss 3 wasn’t waiting around for Valentines Day!

Salted Chili Chocolate Dried Fruit Truffles

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    • They melt in your mouth! I just noticed you had baked boiled eggs going on over at your blog! That I have to see! 🙂

    • Thanks Emily… They really do taste great!! 😉
      There were tonnes of fantastic recipes at #recipeoftheweek ,LOADS of inspiration 🙂

  1. Oh wow, these truffles look utterly DIVINE, you are such an accomplished chef and you photograph and style so beautifully! Love this. Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays x

    • Thank you so much! I’m actually really making an effort to style my food better!! 😉 …I can tell you that those little pink and purple hearts were disappearing between every shot… Miss 3 was happily munching away each time I rearranged the chocolates a little. Absolutely none left in the end – that’s when she went for the chocolate!

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