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Sweet Potato Pork Dumplings

– In Sweden, Sötpotatis Kroppkakor

What is it that makes these dumplings so outstanding?

So irresistible you have to take another?

So delectable you’ve lost count of how many you’ve eaten?

Sweet Potato and Pork Dumplings - Sötpotatis Kroppkakor

The magic of sweet potato:

Have you made dumplings before? If you haven’t, let me begin by telling you it’s easy! There’s absolutely nothing complicated or impossible about making your own delicious dumplings. And sure, you could stick with the status quo and make fantastic white potato dumplings (I’ve even included the recipe below). But if you’d like to blow the competition away, then put your white potatoes aside. And enter the era of the sweet potato.

Sweet Potato Pork Dumplings - Sötpotatis Kroppkakor

Sweet Potato & Pork Dumplings – Sötpotatis Kroppkakor

(For 5 people – 20 dumplings)


1kg Sweet Potato (2 1/4 lb) – cooked and cold

1 egg

450g all-purpose flour (7,5 dl / 4 cups)

1 1/2 tsp salt

Season with a couple of pinches allspice

For the filling:

150g (1/3 lb) lightly salted side of pork/ uncut bacon – finely cut

1/2 small onion – finely cut

A large pinch of white pepper to taste


White Potato Dumplings:

(For 4 people – 16 dumplings)

The recipe is nearly identical to the one above, however much less flour is needed when making a dough with white potatoes…


1kg White Potato (2 1/4 lb) – cooked and cold

1 egg

180g all-purpose flour (3 dl / 1 1/4 cups)

1 tsp salt

Season with a pinch of allspice

For the filling:

100g (1/4 lb) lightly salted side of pork/ uncut bacon – finely cut

2 tbsp onion – finely cut

A pinch of white pepper to taste


Marbled Potato & Pork Dumplings

For a stunning appearance you can make a batch of each of the dumpling recipes above, then combine a piece of each when forming your dumplings (see in the method below).

Sweet Potato and Pork Dumplings - Sötpotatis Kroppkakor

METHOD, Sweet Potato Pork Dumplings:

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  1. I’m obsessed with sweet potato and these look fab, bet they are much lighter than standard dumplings too! As always beautiful stills! Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays

    • @HonestMum Thank you lovely! You’re totally right the sweet potato dumplings are much lighter, even slightly airy compared to the white potato ones 🙂

  2. Wow! I will make this for the kids.

    I’m trying to stay wheat free, do you think replacing flour with almond or coconut flour will work?


    • Hi @cuddlesandcrumbs 🙂 If you want to go wheat free I’d suggest going with the white potato ones as they need considerably less flour to make the dough, and personally I’d go with the almond flour. May even give that a go myself, I really think you could end up with very nice dumplings with that combination! Let me know how it works.

  3. Ser jättegott ut, måste prova! Om man är lite känslig mot vetemjöl, kan man byta ut det mot annat mjöl, eller sabbar man konsistensen då?

    • @cultureofmakeup If you’d like to avoid the flour, I’d probably go with the white potato dumplings first, and exchange for almond flour – there’s so much less flour in that recipe that I don’t think exchanging it would be a problem at all.
      I’m honestly not sure how the consistency would be exchanging in the sweet potato recipe – at the very least you’ll probably need to use quite a bit more flour to get a dough you can work with…
      Well worth a try though… Might have to check that out myself too and get back to you 🙂

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