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White Chocolate Lemon Rhubarb Fudge

Smooth, sweet, melt in your mouth delicious white chocolate and lemon fudge with a flavorful burst or rhubarb. The photos alone make me happy …And spring is in the air. Oh for long sunny days and more of this happy fudge!

How long does it take to make?

Eight minutes in the microwave.

Just three ingredients

…What are you waiting for?

White Chocolate Lemon Rhubarb Fudge


White Chocolate Lemon Rhubarb Fudge

(36 pieces)

1 tin (395g /14 oz) sweetened condensed milk

400g Fazer white chocolate lemon (14 oz)

4 tbsp freeze dried rhubarb

White Chocolate Lemon Rhubarb Fudge


1. Line a 20 x 20 cm baking dish with baking paper or greaseproof paper (8 x 8 inch).

1. Empty the tin of sweetened condensed milk into a microwavable container (with a lid) – preferably at least 1.25 L/ 1 1/4 quart.

2. Break up the chocolate and add it to the condensed milk – don’t stir.

3. Microwave on full effect for 1 1/2 minutes, then stir.

4. Microwave on full effect for another 1 1/2 minutes, then stir.

5. Microwave for an additional two minutes, stirring each minute. Then an additional three minutes stirring every 30 seconds.

(So 8 minutes in the microwave in total)

After the fifth minute, you should notice that the texture has changed slightly. The fudge starts to get bubbles around the edges, and thicken, it will slowly get almost a mousse like consistency. Once you stir through, it will be smooth again, and you can put it back in the microwave for that last minute.

Note! Keep an eye on the lid during the last few minutes. During this time the mix will rise considerably, if you notice the lid about to be knocked off, take it out and stir it through, then you can put it back again for the remaining time.

6. Pour the fudge into the pre-prepared baking dish, cover and cool in the fridge for 10-15 minutes before sprinkling the rhubarb over.

8. Keep covered in the fridge 24-36 hours before lifting out the fudge in the baking paper. Use a sharp knife to cut 36 pieces.



White Chocolate Lemon Rhubarb Fudge

White Chocolate Lemon Rhubarb Fudge

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White Chocolate Lemon Rhubarb Fudge

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  1. Will fresh or frozen rhubarb work? Have NEVER seen freeze dried. And FYI for all the ladies and gentleman rhubarb is a vegetable That’s what I tell myself when I indulge myself 1or 2 times a year with my favorite rhubarb treats.

    • Hi Pauline!
      Finely chopped pieces of fresh or defrosted rhubarb could definitely work as long as you let them dry on a paper towel first to get rid of a bit of the moisture. Also, the fudge you make would need to be one you ate within a few days or freeze and take out to defrost as and when you want (need) it 🙂
      I don’t think it would keep for quite as long that’s all.

      Happy experimenting!

  2. Just thought I’d give you a fudge update: eating my last 2 bars (the idea of small chunks went out of the window yesterday!) whilst commenting on #TastyTuesdays posts. Loving it! Thanks a lot for linking, my lovely!

  3. I have been following on twitter and they all sound delicious! Though I think last time I tried to make microwave fudge myself it all went horribly wrong, not long enough for the sugar to melt so was grainy (but delicious!) maybe with chocolate it would work better….x

    • Hmm… I haven’t tried the microwave method with a ’proper’ fudge recipe 😉 …Meaning cream, sugar, etc etc.
      This one with the condensed milk works wonders in the microwave, it gets RIDICULOUSLY hot!
      So funny you’ve been following this one on twitter, @lecoindeMel had us all drooling there 🙂

  4. My lovely, this fudge/caramel is out of this world! I love it, and I gave a jar to a couple of my friends today. Thanks for the freeze dried rhubarb; it is perfect! Thanks for linking with #TastyTuesdays

    By the way, I will be linking to your recipe in my post on Sunday 🙂 x

    • You’re so welcome for the rhubarb …Maybe this is what I need to do, randomly post ingredients to my food posts to unsuspecting bloggers so they make it and rave about it on their own social media channels and blogs 😉
      …Haha! You’re too kind. Thank you x

  5. I love fudge and I haven’t made any for ages, you’re making me want to start again! I’ve never tried rhubarb fudge before so I’ll have to give this a try. Where do you get the freeze-dried rhubarb from? I need some freeze-dried strawberries for something else I’m planning to make so I can hopefully snap them both up at the same time.

  6. Wow Steph, this looks amazing, and I can’t believe it only has 3 ingredients and takes 8 minutes!!! I had also never heard of freeze-dried rhubarb before so will be on the hunt for some to try in something as I love my rhubarb. #tastytuesdays

    • Thanks Becky.
      They’re crazy easy to make! …I just hope you can find that rhubarb! …You could of course top them with something else otherwise 😉

  7. I am seriously drooling over this and could eat a whole plate of it right now. Trying to be healthy and good but now I want fudge. hahaha Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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