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Photo Magnets – Perfect Gift Ideas

& a 25% Exclusive PicStick Photo Magnet Discount.

One of those eureka moments when you feel so silly for being the last one to catch on! Photo magnets. I know they weren’t invented yesterday, but seriously, how is it possible it’s taken me this long to have actually ordered some!

I love them.

And it’s the perfect present!

I’m so fed up of regular photos, held up with magnets, falling off every time there’s a new school notice to put up on the fridge. Every time Mr One does a little ’rearranging’. Every time Miss Four pulls up a chair to reach for the cereal box on top.

Fixing my own photo magnets (of sorts) has been on my to-do list …For a year! So in comparison the three days I waited to get these was nothing! And better yet, all I needed to do was choose my photos.

Exclusive PicStick Photo Magnet Discount

I ordered my photo magnets from a PicStick. The website was super easy to use and I could just drag and drop the photos from my photo library, choose and arrange the shots I wanted to turn into magnets. I’ve also tested the service via my phone and it’s as easy to select shots from any photo album there too.

Three days later and here they were.

Resilient to the inquisitive grasp of a one year old. The magnets are shiny, smooth and bendable. You can’t quite fold them over – well you can, but the surface of the photo gets wrinkled – for the purpose of fully reviewing the durability of the product, I tried!

The magnets can hold up to three A4 papers up on the fridge.

Firmly integrated with the magnet layer behind, the photo surface is not likely to be damaged around the edges by anything other than intent. So I’m happy to vouch for the quality …Yes, ok I tried to peel one of the photos off from the backing too… Just to check!

What I specifically like about PicStick is that there’s a no fuss replacement policy should there be anything wrong with your order and the shipping is free! As an expat, that means I can order beautiful presents for family and friends around the world without footing the bill for the additional postage!


A heads up for one little technical issue I encountered – the system doesn’t like when you have two magnet sheet orders on the go at once and start trying to move pictures from one sheet to another… I had to log out and back in again to resolve that one!


And now an exclusive offer for my readers.

25% off, on as many orders as you like – valid until 15-Dec-2014.

Just type in the promotion code: BRIT25 at the checkout.

Find the website here: PicStick.com


Exclusive PicStick Photo Magnet Discount

Disclosure: I was gifted the sheet of 9 magnets pictured here for the purpose of this review. All opinions and recommendations are entirely my own. I’ve immediately ordered another batch at my own expense to be sent to my mum! 🙂


Exclusive PicStick Photo Magnet Discount


  1. I just love the idea of these – Ben and Chlo would really enjoy playing with them on our fridge I’m sure.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

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