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Strategy Saturday Social Media Strategy Community

Strategy Saturday – a Social Media Strategy Community and Linky

Inviting busy bloggers and entrepreneurs to join #StrategySaturday – a social media strategy community and linky.

The purpose of this community is to develop together successful, sustainable social media strategies that effectively utilize every chosen channel to expand the reach and influence of your posts.

One of the ways to engage in this community is through a #StrategySaturday linky – What’s a linky? There’s an explanation at the end.


#StrategySaturday is about taking 15 minutes a day to one at a time, invest in strategy development for each of your social media channels.

Every other Saturday (starting 21-March) we’ll publish a 15 minute, bite sized golden nugget of strategy development, refined and ready to implement. During the following week you’re invited to spend 15 minutes a day fine tuning, practicing and owning your strategy, and making implementation a habit.

Of course, you may be so enthusiastic and have so much time on your hands that you choose to invest more than the 15 minutes. That’s totally fine! The point is that commitment to consistent, sustainable strategy development is going to reap results, and in 15 minutes a day you can achieve that.


A linky can be a very social place, but #StrategySaturday isn’t just about being social, it’s about being community.

How is #StrategySaturday a community?

If you want to link dump (link your post and run) – this isn’t the place for you. Neither is it a party at which to remain anonymous in a corner. We’re inviting you into the kitchen! 

We’re inviting you to grab a coffee, sit around the table and work out and refine strategies together.

We’re inviting you to bring your knowledge, experience and unique perspective and invest some of that here. To commit to supporting others in the community in their social media strategy development, as they also commit to supporting you in yours.


Practically, what might that look like? 

We’re going to invite you to put your strategy ideas out there for review, inspiration, and constructive feedback.

We’re inviting you to be honest about your strategy implementation experience, the successes as well as the flops. We want to hear from you.

Being community means that we are as invested in seeing each other succeed, as we are in succeeding ourself.

The #StrategySaturday linky is going to have a slightly different look about it, depending on the social media platform we’re focussing on at that time. When we’re invested in developing and refining a Pinterest strategy you’re going to be invited to link post pins; when it’s twitter, it might mean linking up the tweet you think has best ’advertised’ your post that week.

To kick start #StrategySaturday – I’m inviting 100 bloggers to assess the success of your current social media strategies, or behavior.

Are you ready to put yours to the test?

 Social Media Strategy Success Survey

Strategy Saturday Social Media Strategy Community

There are four groups of people reading this post. Which do you belong to? 

The first thinks this was interesting but not for me. Maybe you know someone else who might be interested?


The second loves what you’re reading, but you don’t really have any particular plan or ambition to expand the reach of your blog right now. You’re happy as it is and don’t feel you have the time to invest 15 minutes a day in Social Media Strategy development and implementation. Maybe it’s something for later. Sign up for the newsletter & watch this space.


The third loves what you’re reading. You’re acutely aware that your current social media strategies are either nonexistent or insufficient and you’d love to develop them. In fact, expanding the reach and influence of your blog is something you’ve determined you want to invest in. You love the idea of doing this together with other bloggers in a blogger community. This is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Sign up for the newsletter, write a comment below, tweet me, shout out, say hi!


The fourth has a little glint in your eye as you read this. You’ve developed and refined state-of-the-art social media strategies and are currently reaping the benefits. You know pretty much everything worth knowing about this topic and you love it (if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have got this far)! …If you’re the kind of person who loves sharing your knowledge, experience and expertise. If you’d love to get involved in coaching others in developing successful strategies – give me a shout! I’d love to collaborate with you on #StrategySaturday. Right through this post I’ve written ’we’, that’s because there’s a space in the team ready for you.


You can grab the #StrategySaturday badge code below:

MisplacedBrit #StrategySaturday



 Lastly, for those of you who don’t know me, a quick introduction: 

Who am I …And what’s behind this initiative? 

I’m Steph! Expat brit mama to 3 living in Stockholm …

When I’m not writing about social media strategies, I blog about parenting, food and lifestyle – simple, creative family life. You can read more about me, here.

In the ’blissful’ days of maternity leave I spent 100s of hours researching blogging and social media strategies. Now part time work, part time SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mum) I don’t have the same luxury with my hours. There’s also a huge difference between reading about strategies, and implementing them.

Well, now it’s 2015 – The Year of Awesome. And what blogger doesn’t have blogging goals and ambitions? We’ve had a couple of months to do it on our own – how’s it going for you?

As anyone who’s tried to initiate a change in their life, habits or behaviour knows, committing to change together with others adds volumes to the likelihood of success.

I invite you to come on this journey together with me. And I want to be on it with you. 

Are you ready for change?


Successful people inspire others

Strategy Saturday Social Media Strategy Community

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*What’s a linky?

A ’linky’ is a place (a post) where you are able to link up one or more of your own blog posts. In some cases the hyperlink to your post is embedded in a short (’clickable’) text, most often you’re also able to select an image from your post to embed in the hosts page as well as the (’clickable’) text.