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Strategy Saturday Linky #4 – Owning Pinterest

Hi and welcome to the #StrategySaturday Linky.

Two weeks all about Pinterest…


Have you read ’OWNING Pinterest’ – Your 1 week, 15 minute/day guide to developing and refining a killer Pinterest strategy.


This week we’re inviting you to link up two of YOUR favorite pins, they might be posts or products you’re particularly pleased with or pinnable images with aesthetics you nailed.

…There are a number of great reasons to this:

– Take the opportunity to look at your Pinterest Analytics. Click on the ’Activity from your site’ option in the menu, then the ’All-time’ option; and look at YOUR most repined – most shared pins. Which are they? Did you know those were the pins getting the most interaction. Maybe you want to link the top two below.

– Check out the ’Activity from your site’ option, followed by the ’Original Pins’… Which of your posts/ pages have most recently been pinned by someone else? Is it what you would have expected?

– Sharing your pins here, and having them re-pinning onto other peoples boards means a whole new audience is exposed to them, hopefully an audience that will both re-pin them and want to click on to your site to read/ see more 🙂

– In addition I’ll be pinning all of your pins to the #StrategySaturday Community Board during peak Pinterest hours to give them the best exposure possible (8-11pm).


If you’d like to be added as a contributor to the #StrategySaturday Board, you need to follow my Pinterest account and leave a comment below with your Pinterest profile so I can follow you back and add you. As a contributor you’re welcome to pin up to 3 pins a day to reach a new audience and be guaranteed re-pins. Check out the instructions on the board: 
Follow Steph @MisplacedBrit.com’s board #StrategySaturday – Social Media Strategy Development Community on Pinterest.


With the linky tool below, be sure to enter the url of your pin (not the blog post/ site url); and use the ’name’ section to add a description of your pin.

Re-pin as many of the pins below as you fancy, after all it only takes about 20 seconds to pin them 🙂



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Follow me on:



Feel free to copy the badge code below and add it to your site …And I’ll send you virtual fudge – the White Chocolate Rhubarb kind linked above 😉

MisplacedBrit #StrategySaturday


Owning Pinterest - Social Media Strategy Development in no more than 15 minutes/ day - StrategySaturday

#StrategySaturday Community is about getting together and supporting each other in developing and implementing successful, sustainable social media strategies, in no more than 15 minutes a day.

Every other saturday there’s a Social Media Strategy Development Prompt.

Did you miss ’Owning Twitter’? OR How to Develop Your Facebook Strategy in 15 Minutes a Day. 

The prompt consists of bite sized golden nuggets of strategy development theory and a step-by-step guide in how to implement them – Perfectly suited to busy bloggers and entrepreneurs. Each of them are informative, practical, down-to-earth posts, but more than that, they’re an invitation to join us in developing social media strategies together.

Every alternate saturday it’s the #StrategySaturday Linky: An opportunity for you to share your best social media posts from the previous week. This is about showcasing what we’ve done that’s worked & learning from each other. It’s also about community. Championing ourselves AND each other in our social media strategy development and successes.

Read more about: Strategy Saturday Community.


If you feel inspired about developing your social media channels; excited about trying out and implementing new strategies; then please shout it out:


    • Haha, I’m not sure I could publish anything no social media that you didn’t already know!
      But for sure, little refreshers every now and again certainly get the cogs of creativity turning 😉

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