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Strategy Saturday Linky #3 – Owning Twitter

Hi and welcome to the #StrategySaturday Linky.

This week it’s all about Twitter…


Are you working for twitter?

Or is twitter working for you? 🙂


Last week’s strategy development post was about Owning Twitter!

It’s a bold statement isn’t it!


This week we’re inviting you to link up your two most successful tweets from last week.

…There are a number of great reasons to this:

– If you open your twitter account and actually scroll back through a weeks worth of tweets, you’re going to get a fantastic overview of how you really use twitter and what’s really working for you.

– How many of your tweets did you author? How many are retweets of other peoples great content? How much twitter love are you giving to your blogging besties/ business contacts/ potential collaborators? Do you like what you see?

– How many of your tweets this week have been ’advertisements’ of your posts and products and how many have been purely social? Do you like the balance?

– What new followers have you had this week? Have you connected with them? Said hi? Do you want to?

– Who’s been retweeting your content this week? Are there people who’ve retweeted multiple posts even? Have you thanked them? Do you want to?

– What kind of tweets have you been posting? Is it all text, are there images, videos, info graphics? What’s been the response to the posts?

– If you’ve been playing around with different wordings for the same post/site link, has there been a difference in response between them? Which stands out to you? Which do you like best?


Now that you’ve looked through a weeks worth of tweets. Find the two that have had the most re-tweets/ favorites/ or the ones you most want to give some extra attention to. Select the particular tweet, copy the url and link it up below!

(Tweets can be up to 140 characters long. You get just 100 characters when linking up below, consider re-wording the text slightly instead of the end being chopped off).


What’s different here than the ’usual’ linky?

Well, for starters, you’re not linking to your blog/website, you’re linking a direct code to one of your tweets. This means that when you click on somebody else’s post below you’re going to be sent straight to their tweet. So, you don’t need to read a post or comment on it… Click on the tweets you like – at least 2 of them – and ’favorite’ them; reply to them; retweet them – whatever you fancy.

Choose whether you want to reply/ retweet now or whether you want to use buffer/ hootsuite/… to schedule those tweets for later. If I love a post I often choose to schedule that tweet during prime tweeting time 11am – 2pm weekdays.

I will say this… if you like the content, be generous 🙂

And if clicking on two posts takes 20 seconds, maybe you can spread a little more love around.



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