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5How to Rock Selling Yourself on Social Media

This week #StrategySaturday is all about developing and refining THE BEST ways to ’sell’ yourself on social media. Whether you want to sell a facebook page, website, blog, etsy shop or other…

The results of this weeks efforts will be multiple personalized ’selling cards’ – phrases you’ve developed that ’sell your site or business’. Ready to be used on twitter, pinterest, fliers – if you’re a local business, and Facebook ads.

#StrategySaturday is about spending 15 minutes a day developing and implementing successful, sustainable social media strategies.

It all started with these prompts to develop a personalized Facebook Strategy.

After a week of implementation you can see my Facebook Page Results.


There are some ’tasks’ it’s easy to understand the importance of; but never the less they are nothing short of ignored. Procrastinated into extinction because we don’t quite know HOW we’re going to do it, or even where to begin answering the most basic of questions:

– Who are YOU?

– What do you want?

– What is the purpose of your Facebook page, website, blog…?

– What’s special about you? …Or your product?

I’m not going to write ’unique’ because we too often get hung up on that word and don’t move forward! But if you can answer it, please do!

– Who is your ideal customer?

…Don’t start describing yourself here…. That would be a mistake from the very beginning, because you’re NOT your ideal customer. You’re the ’creator’ here, the entrepreneur, a source of inspiration, or information …You already know, or already have the products or ideas that you want to sell …Who doesn’t?

– Who is going to ’buy’ your product? …Whether it’s a physical one, a service, or your blog… WHO wants the information you’re providing?


You may be providing multiple services, products and types of information.

…You don’t need to bunch them all in one description!

Separate them into as many categories as you like; this is about understanding a developing specific and unique selling points for each of them.

It may also be the case that it’s totally different people who are going to ’buy’ the different products/ services/ information you’re providing. So separate them! Who are they?

How to Rock Selling Yourself on Social Media


6 Prompts: How to Rock Selling Yourself on Social Media

Day 1 & Day 2:

Take a couple of days to start answering the questions above. Grab your pen, your paper, your coffee and start getting it down on paper.

…Why are you doing what you’re doing, what do you really want out of it? What are your ambitions? Goals? Passion?

Day 3:

Who wants ’to buy’ what you’re selling?

If you’re a visual person, to go along side the description you’ve been working on, pop on over to google search and find a picture of your ’buyer’! …What do they look like? Where do they live? What are their hobbies? What other things are they interested in? How do they spend their time? WHERE and WHEN can you ’meet’ them? HOW are you going to find them? How are they going to find you?

Day 4:

Select one of your products/ services/ areas of expertise – …Yes, that’s for you too bloggers, let’s call it that 🙂

Of course there are a number of ways you can draw up an advert, but the structure we’re trying out this week (and one very well suited to Facebook ads) is this – suggested by Neil Patel: The Complete Guide to Building Your Blog Audience:

– The title = A question.

– A short enticing description.

– An image.

Formulate a few of these statements for yourself for your chosen product, and find a few images to go along with them.


I’m just going to throw out a few examples out here, just to get the ball rolling …And then you’d want a fantastic image for each of them of course:

Is it impossible to advertise yourself?

Visit a community of entrepreneurs turning that around.


Do you want more followers on your Facebook Page?

How to develop and implement a personalized Strategy in 15 minutes a day.


Are you spending too much time cleaning?

For more quality time with your family, follow my Facebook page.

(Sorry, I don’t have the answer for that one right now!)


Day 5 and 6:

Now to test what you’ve been working on!

Your have a community of followers already – whether on Facebook; twitter; instagram; google+; or somewhere else. Whether they’re 10 people or 10,000.

They already ’like’ what you’re ’selling’ and you have a great opportunity to engage them in developing your ad too!

Post your ads on any, or all of your social media platforms you choose and ask for feedback! You can make ’an ad’ with the text and image with Canva or pic monkey for example. Or, keep it simple, just write the text, add a picture, and ask your audience for feedback. Which do they think is better? …’If you like my ad, please share it!’


Now get your BEST advert ready. The one you’re most happy with, or the one you got the best response on.

…Saturday, April 11 is #StrategySaturday Linky #2 – pop on over, share your ads and sell yourself!


What do you think?

Does it sound achievable?

Do you have a few ad ideas you want to throw out there to inspire others? …Write them in the comments below 🙂

I’d love to hear from you!


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Finally, if the #StrategySaturday initive has got you inspired about developing your social media channels; if the posts and linky has encouraged you to devolop and implement strategies; and if you’re seeing results, then we’d love you to give a shoutout! There are definitely others who should hear about it. Invite as many as you like 🙂


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  1. this is a super helpful post.. I need to take the time to think a bit more about my social media audience and this is a great place to start! 🙂

    • Thanks Lauren! I think sometimes it makes such a huge difference just being more mindful of how we’re ’selling’ something. Sometimes I write a tweet, read it through and realize right away it needs re-wording …If there’s nothing catchy, clickable or likable about it
      …And that then just becomes a habit 🙂
      Thanks for your lovely comment.

  2. What a great and useful blog post. Thank you so much!! My only problem is implementing these things, I have such great intentions but…I really hate strategies (I used to have to do it as a job!!!!). How about ”Do you need to follow a #freefrom diet? Visit my blog for recipe inspiration and help.” Yeah!!! You got me doing something I need to do 😉

    • Haha! Perfect 🙂
      There’s so much we have on the back burner, all the things we’re ’about to’ get around to but aren’t ever priority enough to choose sorting them out over all the other tugs and pulls on our time and attention!
      I totally believe that building the foundation of a strategy, setting cogs into place, that can continue to revolve while you get on with other things means that you’ll see continuing results on that time investment. So you can keep the time you spend on social media to a level you’re happy with whilst still reaping the results of the strategies you’ve implemented.

      Other things we need to practice. Like ’selling ourselves’. Shaping and refining ways in which we can confidently and clearly express who we are, what we’re about and why you can’t miss out on our …’blogs’ 🙂

  3. As I have such limited time to do all things blogging (I try and squeeze it in to my baby’s nap time) I never have time to strategise properly but in the long run it would probably save me time. Just need to find the time to think about it and implement it while keeping the content going too. Useful tips here. Thank you

  4. Great motivational post! I feel pumped now, I’ll definitely put some of this in practice, need to work on enticing descriptions, that’s for sure. #brillblogposts

  5. You’ve presented some interesting thoughts here Steph.

    I think I just share what I want to share… I really don’t over think it. Maybe I should?! Although I’m content with my engagement and growth.

    You’ve given me lots to consider.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Haha! Thanks Fiona, but not really 😉 #StrategySaturday is about developing our social media strategies TOGETHER… I do it at the same time as everyone else who wants to, instead of all of us trying to figure it out separately.

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