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Strategy Saturday – Owning Twitter

This week #StrategySaturday is all about twitter.

Not about how to set up an account, or how to plod along with your current status quo.

This week is about owning twitter!

If the response to your twitter feed has been less than you would have liked;

If you’re quite happy with the response to your twitter feed but you’d like to see more;

If you’d say that all you get on twitter is a peep every now and again;

This post is for you.


So far, more than 70 bloggers and website/ web-shop entrepreneurs have assessed their social media habits and success in the Social Media Success Survey.

Some have got twitter accounts that have had an overwhelming response.

This week instead of a general sum-up of the twitter results, let’s look at the accounts with an overwhelming response, those that see more than 30% of their blog/ website traffic coming directly from twitter. What’s the take home message from them?

strategy saturday owning twitter social media

Otherwise when it comes to twitter:

73% of those who responded to the survey said they were winging their twitter strategy (41%) or that they had a broad outline of a strategy (32%).

42% said the response to their twitter accounts was a squeak every now and again (21%), or that the response was less than they’d hoped for (21%).

47% say they’re quite happy with the response to their twitter accounts.

63% promote their posts only once (25%), to maximum five times (38%) in the first week post publication.


Now this isn’t only about owning twitter, #StrategySaturday is about owning twitter in 15 minutes a day!

How are you going to do it?


Day 1:

You’ve heard it before, you’ve read it above, you need to promote your posts/ website!

It isn’t there just incase someone might happen to stumble upon it. Come on! It’s worth far more than that.

The only way you’re going to be able to keep this up in less than 15 minutes a day is by scheduling (check out Buffer, Hootsuite or Social Oomph). Nobody has got the time to be popping over to twitter every 30 minutes during peak time every day to manually tweet links to your posts. When you’re actually sitting in front of your screen and using twitter, use the time to interact personally with the people you’re following. Retweet tweets that resonate with your feed. Answer questions. Ask questions. Engage. Be personal, be social.

Don’t confuse your ’social time’ with ’strategy time’. You need both.

Now while you’re at it, and you’re about to schedule 20 or so tweets about your one post/ page (10-15 to be published over the next 7 days and the rest to be published over the next 2-3 weeks) …Think about how you’re going to ’sell them’.

You’ve got 20 shots here, consider 3-5 different ways you could formulate your tweet.

What can you say that’s going to pull someone in?

How can you ’sell’ your post?

Regurgitating the header might be good for one tweet, but take a few minutes to get creative with the others.

There are three points to this:

1. Nobody looking at your twitter feed is going to see the same phrase repeated into infinitum 🙂

2. You can post your tweets with 30 minute intervals during peak hours (11am – 2 pm) and know that even if the same person does see two of them – which is still pretty unlikely – they won’t see the same thing again.

3. It’s about finding out what get’s the best response.

It’s about trying, learning and refining how to formulate tweets that take on a life of their own.


Day 2:

If you’ve written a post or there’s a page of your website that you think would be particularly interesting to someone following you, then tweet the link directly to them and tell them why. Better yet tweet to two or three of them at once, so any replies/ retweets/ conversations immediately involve more than one other person, and hopefully more than one other person that’s actually interested in the content.

If you’ve got people around you who might likely be so interested in your content that they’d want to share it with their followers, then there are a few symbols you can add at the end of your tweet that will make all the difference: ’Please RT’. Just letting people know how you’d like them to respond to your tweet increases the likelihood of a retweet by a few hundred percent!


Day 3:


Not optional, essential!

Hashtags make your tweets searchable.

Using hashtags is about enabling yourself to be part of a conversation wider than your current following and the small percent of them that are on twitter at any given time.

Hashtags are about having your tweets found by people, interested in the topic you’re tweeting about and the link you’re sharing even an hour or two after your tweet was posted. And giving them the chance to follow you because they like what they read and they want to hear more.

Now I’m sure that many of you are using hashtags BUT take a few minutes to look at your latest tweets. Where have the hashtags got you?

Are you using general hashtags (like #pbloggers – parent bloggers) that you just think you ’should’ use? Or are you using specific hashtags (like #PND) highlighting the most specific words or topic of the post/ link you’re sharing.

Take a while to assess what’s been working for you so far and what’s had no results whatsoever.

Look at the hashtags your peers are using and the response they’re getting, might some of them be relevant for you?

Whichever hashtags you’re interested in, do a quick twitter search for them yourself and see what results you get. Is that the conversation you want to be part of? If not, try a variation.


Day 4:

I mentioned before the difference between ’social time’ and ’strategy time’ on twitter. And you’ve seen it yourself in the info graphic above. Bloggers and entrepreneurs that have had an overwhelming response to their twitter accounts spend everything from 10 minutes, to more than 2 hours a day on twitter. There was no correlation between an overwhelming response and time spent what so ever! The correlation was that they all always or nearly always stick to a well defined twitter strategy 🙂

So you don’t need to continue believing the myth that magic only happens when you’re prepared to spend more than an hour a day working for it. Or that if you are spending hours a day, you’re already doing everything you can do.

You can spend however much ’social time’ you like, but growth requires some ’strategy time’ too.

Then you can spend as much ’strategy time’ as you like, but don’t forget it’s Social Media. Not a stream of adverts, or impersonal prompts from you. People want to get to know you. They want to feel like they know the person behind the profile. Developing networks, relationships and friendships are what twitter is all about.

So, look through the people you follow and those that follow you. Who do you want to invest that bit extra in? Who would you like to interact more with? What have they been tweeting about lately? What links have they shared? What content can you interact with now and share?

Make a new list of the people you want to connect with right now so their tweets stand out from the crowd and it’s easy to see when they’re online (writing personal, social content) and connect with them.


Day 5:

Whatever your post/ site is about there are mega networks already connected and talking about those topics. Find them! Spend some time finding their twitter accounts. If you just posted a chocolate recipe, search @chocolate, @choc, @recipe, @foodporn what accounts do you find? Check the content they post and the number of followers they have.

If they’re relevant and interesting follow them. Make a new list and add them to it. This is your go-to list every time you publish content they’d likely be interested in – send it right to them.


Day 6:

Review what’s been happening on your twitter account this week. What’s been working for you? Where have you seen results. Are there particular people who you’ve seen re-tweeting your content multiple times this week? – Thank them.

What time of day have you had the best interaction? What type of posts? Links, images, video, quotes, serious, humorous?

There’s more to do! I have deliberately chosen to concentrate this post on angles I haven’t seen much coverage of in the past. For further reading I want to direct you to two fantastic posts by my lovely blogger friend Aby over at YouBabyMeMummy: Develop a Killer Social Media Strategy and How to Grow Your Twitter Following


Day 7:

Pop on over and tell us how you’ve got on 🙂

strategy saturday owning twitter social media

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What’s your experience?

What works for you?


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  1. Came to look at one of your recipes Steph & happened to see this post. So pleased I have, I’ve been blogging away with no particular strategy, going to work my way through your tips. Pinned for future reference, thanks so much for sharing xx

    • I see it this way, take for example this social media development series – and wow, I know you’ve written a lot of fantastic blog development posts – if there are people who are consistently reading those posts, and leaving comments thanking you for the content – then tweeting them a direct link to the next one is actually just providing something of a personal service. Since most likely they ARE interested in the content and it wasn’t only convenient that you sent the link directly, it was helpful AND relational …They might even thank you!

      If I tweet someone a direct link regarding a certain topic, and there’s no response from them, I wouldn’t continue to tweet them subsequent links… THAT might not go down quite so well 😉

  2. Amazing post, thank you! Will be using this to make a better twitter strategy, I already use
    Hootsuite, but not sure how effectively I’ve been using it! 🙂

  3. The List 34 - conference week Mums' Days

  4. Wonderful Post! Thanks so much for writing this. I found it really useful. I have realized I know nothing about twitter and hashtags. I will try to use them from now on.
    Love this article! x

  5. Pheweee! I need to print this out and get my highlighter to it Steph, this is bloody awesome!!

    I will try and say something more intelligent once I’ve digested it a bit more. But honestly, thank you so much for putting the time into this, it’s brilliant!

    Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

  6. Wow, this looks like a phenomenal plan/strategy Steph! You’ve put such careful thought into this series – I love it!

    Pinned to my Deliberate BLOGGING board.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    • Thank you for your feedback Jennifer, I really appreciate it. It’s certainly taken quite a while to start piecing this series together 😉
      And thanks for the Pinterest share!

  7. Such a useful post. My Twitter following (and those I follow) is growing and growing and I never really got my head round Twitter when I first starter using it so I really need to be able to manage my tweets much better.
    Thanks for sharing on #SundayStars

    • Thanks Karen, I’m glad you found it useful …Getting to the stage of pulling strategies together is an exciting time! 🙂

    • Thanks Debs! You put a huge smile on my face …That has to be the first ever comment I’ve had with a ’dowsers’! 😀

    • Here’s to strategy! I hope you find the time to put yours into play …In the meanwhile, ride it out. Whatever you’re doing has worked. No stress 🙂

  8. Good stuff! I’m still fairly new in Twitter and I do need all the help I can get. Thanks for the tips! #brilliantblogposts

  9. I’m not very good with my twitter strategy time; it’s one area that could do with a lot of improving. I could put more effort into promoting new posts; I really should. Thanks for the tips. #TheList

    • I hope you find that balance that works perfectly for you!
      Thanks so much for the feedback; we can talk strategy any time you like 🙂

    • I thought exactly the same!! …In the beginning. Then I realized EVERY time anyone tweeted me something interesting and wrote that, I ALWAYS retweeted, didn’t even think about it. Yet I was reading loads of other great tweets and NOT retweeting them!!
      OK – I’m much better at that now. I retweet great content even when people don’t ask. But the power of the please is astounding …And it’s such a simple little word. It might feel cheeky for you to write it, but it’s certainly never cheeky to read it. Either they will, or they won’t 😉

  10. Oh my god what a brilliant brilliant post, I’m always using #pblogger hash tags but i think the More specific ones would be far better now, also I’m not tweeting links to my.posts half Enough! #sundaystars

  11. All fabulous advice on how to get the most out of Twitter – thank you for sharing! Twitter is my all-time favourite social media platform so I need to develop a strategy and stick to it. Great post Steph x

  12. I found you on #BrilliantBlogPosts – thanks for all the tips, I’m still trying to get to grips with Twitter so it’s very handy!

    I’ve set up Hootsuite but haven’t quite made the leap from just looking at it blankly, to actually scheduling things in advance, hehe. I really must though because I know I’m a) spending way more time on Twitter as a result due to being inefficient and b) missing out as I don’t tweet my own posts anywhere near as much as I should.

    Lots of info for me to ponder about 🙂

  13. I’m so glad I followed a Twitter link to this piece – real eye-opener. I get most of my social media-derived blog hits from Yummly, Pinterest and FB, despite having been on Twitter far longer. I will defo get back into tweet scheduling, as well as develop a more formed overall strategy. Thanks for the reality check. Fab post. Thanks so much for taking the time to write and share it.

    • I’m so glad you found it useful Kellie, and thanks for taking the time to write such an encouraging comment. I’m really interested in hearing how people use their social media accounts, it’s vital to gaining an understanding of where to go next. Have a lovely weekend.

  14. I love twitter, I need to work on building my presence, these tips are awesome, especially the #, I always forget to use it, and yes, I am winging my strategy, time to work on it. Pinning this!

    • So glad you found the post useful Lindsay.
      It’s absolutely fantastic to hear so many people enthusiastic about thinking, developing, implementing, trying and testing strategies on their twitter accounts. I love it!

  15. This is an amazingly helpful post! Thank you so much for sharing!
    I am sharing on twitter, and pinning right now!! 🙂
    Thank you! Thank you!!

  16. Steph, this is amazing! It’s like a virtual kick up the bum to get it into gear and utilise the scheduling services I’ve signed up to. Thank you. I’m going to try and properly join in tomorrow!

  17. Such an informative and helpful post…we need to take it away and digest. A lot of point we may come back to again and again. Thanks for sharing! #TheList

    • Thanks for the feedback! It is a lot to take in at once, it’s like shaking up a jar of glittered water… Things to do everywhere! Until they each start falling strategically into place 😉

    • You’re so welcome Penny. It’s certainly a platform with enormous potential, and one that we don’t need to sit with for hours and hours a day to use effectively both strategically speaking and socially speaking 🙂

  18. This is such a helpful and informative post! I still feel very new to all this and also have another job and our 3 littlies, so not NEARLY enough time! I’ve bookmarked this to refer back to until I’ve got myself together – thank you!

    • Thanks! Pop back whenever you like 🙂
      It’s all about timing when we have so much to juggle already. I know all about it! Busy mum of 3 here too, with another job 🙂

  19. Great post, great tips! Pinning, sharing, and saving! I’m relatively new to twitter and not consistent. Also, I’ve never really promoted a post more than once or twice because I didn’t want to be repetitive….yeah, like that could happen on twitter! Thanks for the reality check! 🙂 Thanks, again!

    • Haha! Thanks Wendy, your comment made me laugh, you put it so well ’like that could happen on twitter’ 😀
      …But we’re still SO careful about it – in reality, I actually even have to LOOK UP the people I want to hear from, because they’re lost in the noise even if they post 50 times a day! 😉

  20. Wow some great stats here. I really try to use twitter to my advantage and I hope it gets better the longer I am on there. I try to share and socialize equally and not over do it either. It’s hard to find balance of not enough and too much. Great post and tips. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

    • Thanks Jenny, everyone’s feedback here is as valuable as the survey!
      It seems that most overwhelmingly we just don’t feel that we have time to develop strategies all over the place… But there are some changes we can make in the way we do things that won’t cost ’more time’; obviously this depends on our starting point 😀
      – Love your linky x

  21. Found you via #brilliantblogposts. I love this post. I’m OK at tweeting out links but I’m probably not consistent enough and don’t do it enough. I’m worried about boring people but as you say, the chance of the same person seeing my links more than once is slim. I definitely need a social media strategy!

    • Yay! GO FOR IT 🙂
      I think just that little push to being a bit more mindful about why and how we compose tweets… Is the beginning of awesome!

  22. I do like the path that your blog is taking! This info that you are posting lately is so helpful. I am into twitter a lot but I am not maximizing my time there. I am so lazy with #!

    But I will try to follow the tips here cuz they just make a lot of sense. Thanks.


    • Thanks Merlinda, I really appreciate the feedback!
      It’s a bit of a risk, branching out into a whole new area with the blog, just because I’m acutely aware, there aren’t 10 more hours in the week just because I started juggling another ball 😉 …It means something else has to give. I’m trying to find a good balance!

  23. A really useful post Steph. I have to admit to being a bit lazy when it comes to twitter. I get the majority of my visits from twitter and schedule tweets but I’m not good at being social. Must try harder. Thanks for a great post with brilliant tips. xx

  24. These are great tips. Found you on the Mad Mid Week blog hop and so glad I did because I can pin this now and head on over to your post about growing your twitter followers, which I think needs to happen first in my case. Thank you for sharing your expertise!

  25. Wow, so many fab tips, hun! I must start sticking to some sort of routine. After reading about TweetDeck on Vicki’s blog few times, I have finally gone on there and it is brilliant, but I tend to do I only occasionally. I’m not very good at that strategy thing, am I? Wish there were more hours in the day. x

    • I think it’s important to see where and what is already working for you… You’re totally right, there are no more hours in the day and all of this is still going to be there in a week, a month, in 6 months.
      Get to it when you’re ready to, and there’s no rush! Things can grow organically too 🙂
      – Thanks for popping over Mel, you’re a huge support x

  26. Great and simple tips, Steph – including a few I need to try out. I’m a bit sporadic with my presence on Twitter, which means that I’m also quite conscious of not making 90% of my tweets ’promotional’. As you say, it doesn’t necessarily require that much time to be effective – I just need to be a bit more productive with the time I do spend while balancing social versus strategy. Off we go …

    • That’s AWESOME!
      I really believe that’s where the best fruit lays …In tweaking the strategy, waiting, seeing, tweaking it again …Like pruning a fruit tree 🙂

    • Thanks Ray x
      There’s absolutely nothing better than seeing a post might be useful after all 😉
      Have a lovely evening.

  27. Great post Steph. I love Twitter and I get a lot of my traffic from there, but I don’t work as hard at it as I used to and I definitely need to change that. Some great tips and reminders here – thanks for sharing xx #sharewithme

    • Thanks Louise.
      There’s always room to further develop strategies isn’t there! The great thing about already being established is the information you can gather from reviewing what’s working best right now, contra, what’s not working at all, and capitalize on it.
      …Yes, it’s geeky, but I just love this stuff 😀

  28. Great advice as always. Facebook is definitely my main place for people coming to my blog, and I am really happy with that – however, I am in the middle of working out some kind of Twitter strategy and thinking of getting something like Hootsuite to help with this, so your post came at a perfect time. I love You Baby Me Mummy’s posts too. You are both so kind with all your advice. #mmwbh

    • Thanks Cathryn x
      Certainly all these social media channels have a role to play! It’s trying to keep that balance in it all of not spreading ourselves too thinly too. An automated tweeting service is without doubt the only way to maintain a consistent presence on twitter, and when you’re choosing which to go for, consider whether you need to manually enter each automated tweet or whether you can write a tweet once and state how often, when, and for how long you want it to be posted (as is the case with social oomph).
      Another aspect to keep in mind is to automate some twitter love for your blogger buddies too! If you read a fantastic post, schedule a couple of tweets for that too! It keeps your content varied and makes sure that you’re consistently connecting with others at the same time.
      Go for it! And most of all, make sure you’re having fun!

  29. A really helpful post thank you. I have absolutely no Twitter strategy and tend to be a bit random with my Tweets. It’s something I’ve been meaning to sort out for a while, at least I know where to start now. #MMWBH

  30. This is a very useful post Steph. Most of my website traffic comes from twitter and I do already do much of what you suggest but I don’t tend to tweet out my blog posts, past the day that I publish them. I’m wondering whether to take the date off my blog actually because I think it puts people off thinking it’s not current. I really do think that being social on twitter is where it’s at. If people engage with you regularly, when you do post a scheduled tweet (and these are obvious in my opinion!) they are more likely to open it.

  31. This post is brilliant, Steph! Thanks so much for taking the time to set up this great survey. I’m sorry I didn’t do mine – tbh I don’t think I have that much advice to give as I am nowhere near the heights of you and Aby! Am going to try and follow this strategy this week. I’m reading it for the second time through #sharewithme – worth it as there’s so much to take in. xx

    • Ooh thanks Jess!
      Haha #StrategySaturday is all about learning it TOGETHER …There are no heights to reach between you and me hun, just a journey to take side by side, along with anyone else who fancies it. We’re all crazy busy, and whenever it’s a good time for you, the golden nuggets are here, to take in your stride 🙂

  32. Great post – I am really struggling to get any engagement on Twitter and don’t want to litter peoples feeds with my tweet about my latest post etc. These tips are great and I think I may have to refer back to them a lot! #sharewithme

  33. I really needed to read this post. I’ve been all about Facebook, and nothing about Twitter, which was an alien entity to me until about a week ago.

    Still trying to get to grips with it, but hopefully I’ll be up and running soon enough!


    • YAY, great timing!
      …Make sure you pop on over to Aby’s posts too …What an awesome way to kick start a twitter account 🙂

  34. Very interesting surveyr results. Actually makes me wonder if I’m not using twitter enough. It is my ”main” social media platform but I try to limit useage because I have kids to look after and a household to run! I may revise my approach slightly.

    • It’s an interesting conundrum isn’t it! Parent bloggers by default have to be (you could believe) parents! …If we’re going to write about our children, life with children, and all things parenting, we actually have to get in there and get messy. We can’t be so absorbed with social media, or our blogs that we’re not actually spending time with our children, being ’present’ with them, and making attempts to get family life to work.
      The answer I believe, lies in automated tweets and STRATEGY 😀

  35. Fantastic post and great advice – I love Twitter but know I don’t use it as effectively as I could and given that it’s my favourite social media platform, I should be making more effort with it. Thank you for sharing these – have pinned and will be referring back.

    • Thanks Louise, I’m so glad you found the post helpful 🙂
      …There’s no end to the developments we could make are there!

    • Thanks Zena!
      It’s been a fantastic opportunity for me to structure all the things I’ve been learning.
      – I hope they reach the people who need them the most! I plan to …tweet & …tweet 😉

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