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Strategy Saturday Linky #1

Hi and welcome to the first Strategy Saturday Linky! 

Four months in planning and a few all-nighters in the making 🙂

This week it’s all about Facebook.


Strategy Saturday Community is about getting together and supporting each other in developing and implementing successful, sustainable social media strategies, in no more than 15 minutes a day.

…Read more about Strategy Saturday Community – here.

Every other saturday there’s a Social Media Strategy Development Prompt. Last week: How to Develop Your Facebook Strategy in 15 Minutes a Day. 

The prompt consists of bite sized golden nuggets of strategy development theory and a step-by-step guide in how to implement them – Perfectly suited to busy bloggers and entrepreneurs. Each of them are informative, practical, down-to-earth posts, but more than that, they’re an invitation to join us in developing your social media strategies together with us.

Every alternate saturday it’s the Strategy Saturday Linky: An opportunity for you to share your best social media posts from the previous week. This is about showcasing what we’ve done that’s worked & learning from each other. It’s also about community. Championing ourselves AND each other in our social media successes …So, virtual high fives; don’t forget to give some feedback & if you’re audience would like something you’ve seen, don’t forget to share it!


This week’s Strategy Saturday Linky is about Facebook. So, if you haven’t done it already, pop on over to your Facebook page, select ’insights’ in the menu, expand the view (’see more’) and take a good look at the response you’ve had to your posts this week. Which have had the greatest engagement? Clicks? Likes, comments and shares?

– Select your post(s) with the greatest engagement.

– The drop down menu is in the top right corner of the post, represented by a little arrow ’v’. Click on the arrow and select ’Embed Post’.

– Now copy the link and paste it in below.

(If there’s no image associated with your post you can drag your profile image, blog logo, or other image from your computer).

– Use the description field to write (or abbreviate) your original post.

And let’s share some insight 🙂

…What is it that’s pulled people in to interacting with your posts this week?


I just have to tell you what’s happened with my Facebook page since last week and since implementing the Facebook Strategies.

368% increase in clicks

274% increase in likes, comments and shares

194% increase in reach

I scheduled/ manually posted 23 posts (there were 16 last week).

…That’s not bad at all!

I can’t wait to hear what results you’ve seen.



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So what’s next?

This week is about refining and owning your Facebook strategy. Come back in a few days and take a look at the posts linked above. What can you learn and implement from them?

One final tip: If you ask a question …Somebody always answers! – If you haven’t, give it a try.


Feel free to copy the badge code below and add it to your site …And I’ll send you virtual fudge!

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Finally, if the Strategy Saturday initive has got you inspired about developing your social media channels; if the posts and linky has encouraged you to devolop and implement strategies; and if you’re seeing results, then we’d love you to give a few shoutouts! There are definitely others who should hear about it. Invite as many as you like 🙂

Strategy Saturday Facebook Part 1


  1. I found your steps really useful last week, and as a result I’ve actually disconnected the auto posting from Jetpack 🙂 I’ve also developed a ’timing’ strategy which I’m going to try and stick to this week… we’ll see! My most popular post was a photo, but I’m also going to link up the only post that got a share (this happens rarely, so I was very pleased to see it happen!).

    • Sara, this sounds fantastic! I’m really looking forward to hearing how you get on this week. I was COMPLETELY shocked by the statistics, just trying this out for a week! It’s so encouraging to see such a big difference in just 7 days 😀

  2. Hi Steph, I’ve just linked up my most popular Facebook post for the last week. I missed your post last week so I’ve only started the steps you suggested today. However, by coincidence I did make a conscious decision to post more often last week with status updates and photos as well as post links (before I was mostly just auto-posting posts using wordpress jetpack) and I have seen higher engagement as a result.

    I’ve linked up my most popular Facebook post from the past week. It’s a cake that I decorated for my in-laws which I’ve made a tutorial for. I suspect it was my most popular post as people can see the time and effort that’s gone into making it.

    • Your cake looks FANTASTIC! Showing something that beautiful and saying, hey I’m going to show you how to make this! That’s ALWAYS going to be worth engagement 🙂 Love it!

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