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Strategy Saturday Linky #2

Hi and welcome to the #StrategySaturday Linky! 

This week it’s all about Marketing Yourself…


How are you marketing yourself?

Your blog, Facebook page, web-shop or website?


This week we’re inviting you to link up and ’sell yourself’.



Sell yourself with the image you choose and the text you write.

Throw out a fishing line, whether it’s your catch phrase or a topic you’re passionate about.

If you want to be nominated for the Brilliance in Blogging Awards, tell us why it should be you!

Tell us why we should click on your post.

What are we going to get out of visiting your site?

What special deal or promotion are you sharing with us?

What’s irresistible about your blog?


…You don’t have to have the ’perfect’ answer, but think about what you want to communicate, and give it a go!

If you’d like some pointers check out: How to Rock Selling Yourself on Social Media



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MisplacedBrit #StrategySaturday


How to Rock Selling Yourself on Social Media

#StrategySaturday Community is about getting together and supporting each other in developing and implementing successful, sustainable social media strategies, in no more than 15 minutes a day.

Every other saturday there’s a Social Media Strategy Development Prompt. Last week: How to Develop Your Facebook Strategy in 15 Minutes a Day. 

The prompt consists of bite sized golden nuggets of strategy development theory and a step-by-step guide in how to implement them – Perfectly suited to busy bloggers and entrepreneurs. Each of them are informative, practical, down-to-earth posts, but more than that, they’re an invitation to join us in developing your social media strategies together with us.

Every alternate saturday it’s the #StrategySaturday Linky: An opportunity for you to share your best social media posts from the previous week. This is about showcasing what we’ve done that’s worked & learning from each other. It’s also about community. Championing ourselves AND each other in our social media strategy development and successes.

Read more about: Strategy Saturday Community.


If you feel inspired about developing your social media channels; excited about developing and implementing strategies; then please shout it out:


Nominations for the Brilliance in Blogging awards closes midnight 12-April. I’d love to be considered for your Social Media nomination 🙂



  1. Oh hon I had every intention of joining in, but as always life got in the way and I’m rushing around doing a million things now as we’re going away this weekend as soon as hubby and the girls get back from gymnastics. Just wanted to say that I will join you at some point, love the idea of #SaturdayStrategy… time is just not my friend at the mo!!

    Have a fab weekend x

    • Oh THANKS hun x
      Honestly, at the end of the day I just hope the posts are useful 😀
      …The ’linky’ bit …We’ll see how that pans out! It might not be that that people ’need’!
      We are all after all BUSY. That was the whole point 😉

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